Quick Fall Cleaning Tips

Laurie MarchYes, it’s true. Summer is officially over. And while we’ll miss the sunshine, bare feet and vacation days, fall is pretty wonderful as well! You don’t have to pack up and head inside just because the temps drop a bit and the leaves start to turn. In fact, autumn is an important time to stay outdoors and show your yard a little sugar!
To set yourself up for a successful spring lawn in 2014, you’ll need to mow regularly now. Come on, it’s great exercise! Hey, if you need a little motivation, consider treating yourself to a zippy new mower like this user-friendly electric mower from GreenWorks and HGTV HOME.
Raking or blowing the debris and leaves off of your lawn will improve the look of your landscape’s design, but that’s not the only reason to do it. Keeping your grass and plant life tidy also allows your yard to breathe a little easier as it braces itself for a new season.
And it’s a great idea to let your lawn breathe even deeper by having it aerated by professionals or doing some research and aerating it yourself. This will ensure your grass’ roots are ready to receive the nutrients they will need in order to make it to next spring.
But how will my lawn get the nutrients they need, you ask? Why – you’ll feed them! Fall is the perfect time to treat your lawn and your plants to a big meal. Hey, bikini season is over – let’s all splurge a little! Feed your greenery by fertilizing now and you will gain major ground towards having a healthy lawn when spring arrives. Look out for a great fertilizer and sprayer like this one.
And while you’re out there anyway, why not grab a pressure washer like this one from HGTV HOME and give your house a good cleaning before winter comes? You might even grab this wand attachment and get at your gutters now to ensure everything works properly as the weather changes.
Okay, I’m done! No more work, I swear! Time to kick back, enjoy the fruits of your labor and rest easy knowing you’re on track for spring. If you’re hungry for ideas for what to do in your garden or yard, pop over to HGTVGardens.com for tons of inspiration.
But for now, a cider and a caramel apple, please!

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