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I just love November – It’s one of my favorite months of the year!

Along with having birthdays to celebrate and family feasts to look forward to – the crisp cool November weather means it’s time to wear all of our favorite winter and holiday fashions! I just can’t help myself when it comes to clothes (and jewelry and make-up!). I have always loved playing dress up. When I was in middle school I used to keep a fashion journal – every day when I would write an entry in my diary (it was pink with a little brass lock) I would always write down the outfit I was wearing that day! I’ve loved beautiful clothes as far back as I can remember. My grandmother was a dress maker and my mom is also a wonderful seamstress. With 6 children, my parents weren’t able to buy us lots of new clothes…but my grandmother could do wonders with a few good pieces of fabric and her trusty Singer sewing machine! I used to spend hours in my grandma’s sewing room – cutting out patterns and being fitted for her expertly sewn home made creations. I still remember the hum of her sewing machine and the excitement and pride I would feel watching her bring my fashion dreams to life! One of my favorite outfits she made me back in the 70’s was a pair of snakeskin gaucho pants with a matching snakeskin vest….Looking back, I’m sure I was a fashion disaster in that outfit….but I loved it!


Como Park 1964
Como Park 1964 – Sitting on a turtle wearing the new birthday coat my grandma made for me!
This month I’ve put together a fabulous collection of My Favorite Things fashions for the holiday season up ahead (and no snake skin gaucho pants, I promise!).
You’ll find beautiful sweaters and tops – perfect day to evening looks that can do double duty for work and holiday parties! Look for my favorite Michigan Avenue suede tie front shirt-jacket. I love this piece as it has become a favorite go-to in my closet. We have a super flattering shawl collar tunic top in gorgeous jewel tones, a classy-sexy off shoulder starburst sweater, an ultra slimming color-block top, and many more new favorites I can’t wait to show you!
If you’re looking for gorgeous, figure flattering styles….join me as I “play favorites” on November 30th at 9:00 pm!
Wishing you a November filled with family gatherings, good friends, great food, and fabulous fashion!

Dog Pins!!! Thank you for all the requests for new Dog Pins in your favorite breeds. I will forward all your requests to my buyer and see we can bring them in for the May My Favorite Things show!
Black off shoulder top/with white ruffle blouse: Many of you have asked about this top….It’s in the works for My Favorite Things and will be featured in the spring – Stay tuned!
General comments about My Favorite Things apparel: We listen to all of your comments. We will continue to raise the bar and work on fit (and explaining the way our garments fit) when presenting the items on air. If you are unhappy with the quality of any of the MFT items….we will move on to manufactures who can delivery the quality we’re striving for! Keep you comments coming – we hear you!
My diet: Many of you have asked about my diet – first – thanks for noticing! I’ve managed to lose about 12 pounds so far (but with the holidays I’m sure I’ve gained a couple pounds back!). I’ve been trying to cut out sugar and watch my carb intake (no bread, pasta, etc). When I stick to it -it really works! I still have 10 more pounds to go -wish me luck (I’m a “foodie” so it’s not easy, believe me!).
Terry in Texas – Sorry the X and O ring you’re asking about has been retired (I love this ring!). I will talk to our buyer about bringing in something similar in 2010!
Linda in NJ – I’m so happy you like your My Favorite Things rose top and jeans….Be sure to mark your calendar for Feb. 2nd – I’ll have a new MFT Today’s Special that I think you’ll love!
Brook in WI – Thanks for the feedback about our Prestige boxes…I will talk to my buyer about bringing back the charcoal color – My hope is to offer all the classic colors and then continue to add new decorator colors as well!
Joan in Nevada – Thanks for your feedback about the Bra issue with the top you ordered from MFT. I will remember to suggest a bra with wide set straps for tops like the one you had trouble with (I guess all my bras are like this so I don’t have an issue with the straps showing) -but I learned from you that many women don’t own bras like this!
Lesson learned (by me) – Thanks!
Lisa – I’m sorry to learn about the flower necklace arriving damaged. I will notify the vendor about this so it doesn’t happen again….If it does – please let me know. Thanks, C
Le in IA – Molly Sims is an absolute doll! I’m so glad you enjoyed her show…..her fashion jewelry is lovely (base metal and gold plating) and I just loved working with Molly! She’ll be back on Feb. 25th….hope you can watch!
Shirley in NJ – The Floral necklace you are asking about is sold out at this time….It was featured in November as part of My Favorite Things. I will try to work on something similar for spring 2010…Sorry you missed it!
JF in NY – Thank you for the lovely compliment!!
Gail in OR – I am forwarding your feedback to the “powers that be”….When we do a photo shoot for our web site it’s often done months in advance of our actual live show. Every now and then a product will not make it in time for the show – This is what may have happened with the items you’re mentioning. We’ll work on this so it doesn’t happen in the future – thank you!
Shirley in TX – How lucky we both are to have had grandmothers who would sew beautiful clothes for us! I will talk to our buyer about bringing the sunglass box back in stock – look for it this spring!
Cathy in MN – I’m happy to hear you love Palemermo’s jewelry! I will forward your request for the elephant ring to uor buyer.
Karen in Co – My Skin care consists mainly of Serious Skin Care and Lancome products. These are my two favorite brands, but there are many others (including Wei East and SCA) that have wonderful products I enjoy as well!
Lois in IL – Thank you for all your wonderful feedback and requests! I really appreciate your support! I will forward all your requests to our buyers…..Thanks for all the great ideas! Happy New Year, Lois!
Tina in NJ – The Moroccan necklace and earring set is item number 567-865 – enjoy!
MPC in VA – I’m thrilled to hear you love the MFT Amethyst necklace. I will ask our buyers if we can bring in the other colors for my next show in May!
Linda in NY – I will be sure to forward your request for Size 5 rings from Sajen Silver to my buyer….hope we can bring in size 5’s for you in 2010!
Georgette in NJ – Yes! The 51 carat CL by Design ring is coming back in March! We have a big Designer Gallery event planned for March and the ring you’re asking about will be featured on this day!
Mary in SC – We are working on the pearl necklace for the May My Fave Things show….I didn’t like the original samples that came back from the manufacturer -so we weren’t able to feature it in November as originally planned.
If they get it right…you’ll see it this spring!
Diane in KY – I will be sure to forward your request for more coral jewelry to our jewelry buyers!
Amy in MI – I appreciate your feedback about the MFT apparel. I am sometimes working with new manufacturers… If the quality isn’t there – we will move on to others that can deliver the quality you’re looking for. I will always strive to bring you great value….Thanks for your candid feedback – your opinions make us better!
Pam in OH – Happy New Year! I always enjoy hearing from you. Regarding hang tags….Yes, ALL my clothing comes with the MFT hang tags – I have never heard of tags not being attached so I’m sure yours was just a fluke – ?I do keep your opinions in mind when choosing items for My Favorite Things. I know you want flattering, fashionable tops you can wear for work (and for going out)…..We are working on a spring version of the faux wrap top (in prints) for our April MFT show! Keep your ideas coming – I really appreciate your support, Pam!
Georgette in CA – Sorry to hear you lost your necklace – I will forward your request to our buyer!
Shelia in CA – I loved your message! You have great taste in jewelry (Nicky Butler, Sajen, Jess David, Deb Guyot, etc) and I’m sure you look amazing when you’re wearing all your beautiful treasures….Enjoy!
Mink in TX – I’m thrilled you love your pink sequin sweater jacket! To my knowledge we haven’t changed the dimensions of the boxes….the measurements on may be wrong…I’ll check it out – Thanks!
Ginger in CT – My favorite way to clean jewelry is with mild soapy water and a soft bristle brush…..I also can live without my silver polishing cloth!
Kathy in KY – We no longer carry the Sea Secret product – I’ll have to ask our buyer is we can bring it back for a special Host Pick! I miss it too….
Shelly in MT – We no longer carry the small travel jewelry boxes with snap. I will talk to our buyer about bring in a new version of this box for this year!
Nicole in CA – I hope you were able to watch Diana Venezia’s show in December – Her jewelry is lovely and I (like you) and a huge fan!

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