Plan A Great Last-Minute Memorial Day Party

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It’s easy to get caught up in our day-to-day activities like grocery shopping, meetings, laundry (the list goes on!) and put important things, like family and friends, on the back burner. This Memorial Day gives us the chance to remember just how lucky we are for all the individuals and gifts in our lives. If you don’t have anything on your agenda for Memorial Day yet there’s still time to throw together an impromptu get-together and I’ve got great ideas to get you started!


1. Where To Go?

Take advantage of the long weekend to have an awesome staycation. Now that the weather is hitting its beautiful peak of warm but not too hot, check out your local city or state park, river, lakefront or springs and enjoy a weekend outdoors. In Florida it almost goes without saying that many of us will be heading to the beach this Memorial Day. Bring key items with you from home that will help everyone feel comfortable like this multitasking ottoman with a built-in cooler. Having an extra chair and additional cold drinks on hand is always needed.



It’s also smart to secure some shade so that everyone can have a place to relax throughout the day. A tent like this 10′ x 10′ Pop-Up Canopy is great for tailgating, parties, or dining in your backyard too.

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2. What To Serve?

Burgers and hot dogs are Memorial Day menu traditions but if you want to go off the beaten path just a little (or you are a vegetarian like me!) pizza is always a good choice. Easy to eat outdoors and sure to still be a crowd pleaser, this Summer Vegetable Pizza recipe from Wolfgang Puck will be delicious!



From our entree pizza on to the dessert pie! There are lots of yummy choices but I’m going with this Strawberry Brownie Cake recipe by Katie Lee. It is very simple to make and you might already have these ingredients ready in your kitchen. If we add a dash of blue sprinkles or some fresh blueberries it’s also a cute patriotic display for the holiday.  



3. What To Wear?

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Whether you host a party or attend a friends’ you’ll want a relaxed outfit that allows you to move about wrangling errant kids or dogs, and mingling with guests. What I like about this ensemble is that the fun pattern of the maxi dress makes it look put-together while it requires minimal styling. Another great trick is that wearing a detailed pattern like this helps disguise any “oopses” on the dress like a spilled plate or splashed drink that happens at parties. Paired with a hat to keep the sun out of our eyes and a light cardigan for the evening, we’ve effectively thought of everything! For being outdoors all day, a pair of flats like these sandals should do the trick to finish off this look.



Enjoy your Memorial Day, everyone! Who will you spend time with that day?

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