Our Fall Wardrobe Checklist

Our Fall Wardrobe Checklist

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Every fall it’s a good idea to take stock of our supplies and go over things with a fine tooth comb. More often than not we’ll find areas of our wardrobe that could use a little help–things we’ve outgrown, sweaters riddled with holes, or pants that have been worn ragged. Start off the next season with a solid supply of basics so that when the cool weather fully hits you’ll be sitting pretty with everything you need.


Here’s our fall fashion checklist:


1. Dark-Wash Denim Jeans

DG2 by Diane Gilman SuperStretch Skinny Jean

We know we’ll be relying on jeans more for fall to keep comfortable as the temperatures cool off but we should especially stock up on dark washes of denim. Dark denim is good for fall and winter because it better disguises wear and tear from daily use in the form of dirt and wrinkles. It also helps casual outfits or those with bulkier layers still look sleek and slim. Grab a pair of the Diane Gilman SuperStretch Skinny Jean with Mesh Shaping Panel for ultra comfort all fall.


2. Light & Heavy Cardigans

The weather is going to be brisk in fall but we’ll still have a few of those random, hot and sticky days. Keep a variety of different cardigans in your closet to handle fluctuating temperatures with style and ease. On warmer days reach for the G by Giuliana Lightweight Ultra Luxe Cotton Cardigan. It’s perfect for layering and it’s jewel-tone color will be on trend this fall! For chillier days go with heavier knit layers like the La Fee Verte Woven Cardigan with Fringe. The added detailing of the colors, patterns, and fringe gives this boxy cardigan more personality and versatility with pairing in your wardrobe.


3. Patterned Pullovers

La Fee Verte Pullover Sweater

Fall is synonymous with ‘sweater weather’ but frequent washing can warp and stretch out sweaters quickly. It’s always helpful to have a few new sweaters on hand to flush out your wardrobe for the season. Patterned pullovers are a great way to make a regular cotton sweater look more sophisticated and dressed up. Try a sweater with a small print design like the La Fee Verte Pullover Sweater and pair it with a fitted skirt for a warm but pretty look.


4. Weather-Proof Boots

Vince Camuto "Basira" Over-the-Knee Leather Boot

Come rain, sleet, snow or hail we’ve got to get to and fro our destinations. Own at least one pair of weather-hardy boots. Choose a boot with some stylish details like the gold buckles on the Vince Camuto “Basira” Over-the-Knee Leather Boot. Trust us, you’ll wear this pair more than you can foresee and if you like them for their looks and functionality it’ll make those days of bad weather just a little bit brighter.


5. Statement Jewelry

Rara Avis by Iris Apfel "Chained" Resin Link Necklace

This is definitely the one category we don’t think to check on when the season’s change but jewelry contributes a lot to our fall wardrobes. Heavier layers call for some adjustments to our jewelry choices, like swapping in bigger statement pieces such as the Rara Avis by Iris Apfel “Chained” Resin Link Necklace for our minimalistic favorites. As we end up rotating through the same warm weather pieces with more frequency statement jewelry can also break up any monotony from forming in your every day looks.  


What’s one “must-have” that’s always on your fall wardrobe checklist?

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