Now Hue Know: 6 Colors and Their Meanings



Hi girls!


This week I thought it would be fun to tell you a little bit about the meaning of colors. Did you know that certain colors affect us differently? Sometimes when I am coloring my jewelry it helps me to keep in mind, “what kind of emotion do I want this collection to portray”?





Red is a fun and fabulous color because it’s a warm and positive color!! Red tends to exude a power and strong energy! This is exactly what I was thinking when I was designing my “Fabulosity” collection. This collection features gorgeous carnelian beads that made this necklace the ultimate dream!! The necklace has marquise and round crystal accents which drape into a wide triangular shape. These statement pieces are bound to make you feel like a strong and gorgeous woman! Be sure to pick up the whole suite!!





Yellow is one of the most luminous colors…when this color is worn as an accent with jewelry it truly brightens up any outfit! It’s the color of sunflowers, daffodils, lemons, and the sun!  It is symbolic of happiness, enlightenment, creativity and optimism! My “Polished Elegance” necklace most definitely carries all those feelings! The 5 strands of individually knotted pear-shaped citrine-colored glass beads create a feeling of magnetic happiness! Girls, this necklace is just fabulous, and it’s an ideal addition to your jewelry box. Make sure to also check out the matching bracelet and earrings!





Black is such an elegant and classic color!! It’s often linked to conventionalism, dignity, and sophistication! And my goodness my “Leaping Opulence” collection is ALL that and then some!!! And it has a little touch of quirky in it with the animated leaping frog, which is asymmetrically placed along the black enamel coated oval links!! This necklace is bound to create an air of mystery and intrigue in most anyone you come across!! It might just be one of my favorite pieces out of the new fall collections!





Blue is often associated with depth, intelligence, and cleanliness. It’s also linked to inner security and confidence. What better necklace than my “Sparkling Scarab” beaded crystal drop necklace to show off your inner confidence! This gorgeous collection also features unique faceted, cushion cut tiger’s eye glass beads that lead to a stunning drop with an oval blue glass cabochon stone in rope-texture!! Ladies, this collection is a sight!!!!


Be sure to treat yourself to one of these collections! You deserve it!!

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