New Inspirations

New Inspirations
I found myself in creative meetings and reaching back to the summer for some inspiration. In August I stayed with friends on Patmos, Greece. I was so inspired by the creativity of the people there and the peaceful passing of the days at sea on a little fishing boat. One day, anchored in an otherwise deserted cove, I saw a woman wearing a wide brimmed straw hat, in a tiny wooden boat painted brown, red, and blue. The colors were beautiful against the turquoise water and the sky. It occurred to me that I could have been looking at this exact same setting fifty years ago. It made me think of how simple, good, handcrafted design remains timeless; something I strive for every season when I create my new collection. Then I was off (via a very bumpy boat ride) to Naples, where Signore Palladino, a taxi driver and guide, took me and two of my good friends from NY, to see what seemed like every church, palace and architecturally important private homes in and around the city. What an amazing place, Naples. I took photos of everything, and am using many of them to inspire color combinations for the home, such as a building painted pale yellow with white trim and deep grey shutters…look for that in my new bedding
Now, as fall settles in, I’m happy to be home, both in NY and in Chicago, to spend time with those closest to me, my dogs, and have my favorite Thai food (hard to find 300 miles off the coast of Italy, but the almond pesto made up for it. Highly recommended!!!).
There’s something about gathering and organizing and focusing all that I’ve seen, and the memories of a beautiful trip as I sit and meet with my team that still puts a smile on my face and makes me feel recharged.
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