New Features On The XBox One Make It The Perfect All-In-One Entertainment Gift

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Do you tune out when you hear games, or gaming systems, discussed? The XBox One is a little different, so you will want to listen up. The XBox One is not just a gaming system, it’s a box that holds all of the entertainment you love in one sleek package, and when you purchase it with HSN you can get it home and split the payments without interest using FlexPay. Here are some of my favorite features that make this the perfect gift for anyone!


1. Voice-Activated Commands

It’s true. This really is the next generation of electronics. Whether you play games or not, you are going to love this. You can talk to your XBox One and tell it to record a program, search for a movie, switch from TV to movies and much more. And if you are not in the mood to talk? You can use hand gestures to give your XBox One commands.


2. Do Two Things at Once

This gaming system allows you to do two things at once. Watch a movie and Skype, play a game and listen to music…there’s not much the XBox One won’t let you do!


3. Gamers in the Family Will Love It

The gamers in your family are going to love this system! No other system has ever offered this level or realism. And, the Artificial Intelligence on the XBox One is outstanding. It will actually adapt the games to the way you play, taking games to the next level.


4. Plenty of Apps to Download

The XBox One has plenty of apps to download, and a Windows 8 Interface. You can even personalize your homepage. You choose what you want to see, how you want to see it.


Need to search for something online? No need to jump on the computer, simply search from your XBox One’s screen. Check out more nifty electronics at HSN!


What surprises you most about the XBox One?

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