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Hey Girls!
It has been ingrained in me from my childhood days of back-to-school shopping, that this is the time for first impressions and fabulous new clothes. And I’ve got quite the impress-the-teacher collection for you!
First and foremost, I am so excited to bring you my first-ever, debut TODAY’S SPECIAL!  I can’t tell you what it is, as it’s a surprise, but if you like beautiful sparkly pieces in vibrant colors and figure flattering shapes, you don’t want to miss this one.  I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Update: Check out Liz Lange’s Today Special Completely Me Paillette Sequin Cardigan HERE!
The rest of the collection is sure to impress the art teacher as well, since the colors are all incredibly vibrant and the prints are wonderfully bold.  I have chosen universally flattering and mood elevating hues, including: sapphire blue, coffee, raspberry, and candlelight white.   All of these solid colors mix so well with the timeless leopard print and the overblown rose print, with flowers that remind of museum paintings.
I am happy to report that I have brought back my signature “12-way stretch” denim as I was so excited to see it as a “customer pick.”  This time around, I am bringing it to you in even more wonderful saturated colors.  And my stretch knit ponte 5 pocket jeans are also back!  If you’ve already snagged a pair, you know that they fit like a second skin (but are even better, because they hold you in), and they are ultra comfy.  Between these two items, you won’t need another pair of jeans.  And guess what! I have even incorporated “12 way” stretch into a luxurious silk-like fabric for a fab pair of pull-on pants.). The great search for perfect bottoms is over! Shop: Completely Me by Liz Lange Denim
In addition to the timeless classics (the jeans, the trench, an updated French nautical sweater), I have included a blend of fun trend-right items (a shrunken sequined beret , tons of tops with groovy details, a fabulous sweater-jacket).   I love to play with all of the outfit combos.  The timeless and the trendy mix is one of my favorite looks.  Always a sure A+!
Join me at midnight EST on Tuesday, August 24th.  Don’t be late.  You’re not going to want to miss a thing!
First impressions and timeless style,
xoxo LL
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