New Antthony Design Originals Collection

Hello ladies!
Welcome to my first 2010 collection! In this New Year, think comfort…think Antthony!
There is no reason a woman cannot not be stylish and comfortable. My fashions are designed to celebrate your every movement; and as always, they are designed for ease of care and affordability. Let’s dive right into the latest head-to-toe inspired looks available in Antthony Design Originals!
Soul music lays the beat for the new Antthony Collection. The colors dance in a hypnotic way on marbleized prints with paisley motifs. These swirling motions really explode on a soft silk-like jersey. Alternatively, fresh solid colors like Carib-Sea blue, which is reminiscent of the tranquil waters of the Caribbean, or Salmon pinks which are glazed like earthen clay, are the lead stars in this updated and easy to care for collection.

Antthony Look 1
Style 567-7366 Soul Color front tie jacket with tank: This poet sleeve cardigan with modern flair is accompanied with a clean line tank to create a winning pair inspired by Scarborough Fair. This medieval silhouette feel is versatile for day to evening wear and is machine washable. Available in Salmon, Carib-Sea and Black.

Wear with…
Style 568-375 Antthony Signature stretch twill pant with side buttons: This is a figure flattering solution for women that love natural fibers but also need a little stretch. The cotton twill stretch pant with four percent spandex will smooth the hip and waist-line while remaining stylish and comfortable. Available in Salmon, Carib-Sea, Black, Stone, Navy and Olive.
Antthony Look 2
Style 567-826 Antthony Mediterranean Color Tunic: This soft billowing chiffon with a silk feel is married to a Moroccan shaped tunic with angel sleeves to give the wearer an opulent feeling from day to evening. This tunic comes in the hot colors of the season from sherbets, to berries and gold tones…a must have for any wardrobe.
Wear with…
Style 569-37 The Antthony signature stretch twill pant with side buttons. Available in Salmon, Carib-Sea, Black, Stone, Navy and Olive.
Antthony Look 3
Style 568-247 Antthony Timeless Drape Jacket and Dress Set: Antthony’s latest fashion creation is a cascade shrug with a flowing ankle length dress inspired by his elegant evening gowns. This popular shaped evening wrap was converted to a daytime user -friendly design for travelers, active ladies, and jewelry lovers. This multi-faceted two set provides comfort and timeless shapes. Be amazed at all the different looks you can achieve with just one outfit. Available colors: Carib-Sea, Black, and Mulberry.
Antthony Look 4
Style 693-3104 Antthony Dramatic Flounce Tunic: This dramatic scarf overlay design is a must have for the season. The tulip shaped drape and figure-flattering neckline is inspired by the Grecian statues at the Louvre in Paris, France. This cap sleeve number is bound to turn heads. Get ready for loads of compliments! Available in Black, Magenta, Olive and Cobalt.
Wear with…
Style 568-375 The Antthony signature stretch twill pant with side buttons. Available in Salmon, Carib-Sea, Black, Stone, Navy, and Olive.
I want to thank all my ladies for your great posts. I read all of them and I am working on your suggestions. Look to for all your wishes to come true in the following months. I am here to make sure you are always dressed comfortable, stylish at great prices. Remember, don’t buy clothes but build a wardrobe!
Love and Hugs XOXO, Antthony
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