My Top Electronic Picks of CES Day 2

Phew! What a week! I’ve been coming to CES for years, and this is hands down some of the most fun I’ve ever had here. I’ve been exploring the CES show floor with David, HSN’s go-to guy for everything electronics, and we’ve seen all kinds of cool stuff.


First, we had the opportunity to meet Daymond John (yep, the entrepreneur extraordinaire and one of the sharks on Shark Tank) and the co-founders of his new line of mobile accessories called Moguls Mobile. You may have seen him on HSN when he brought his awesome portable charger (as I’ve said on air, I never go anywhere without a portable charger!) and here at CES he announced even more cool stuff.


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One thing he debuted that I can’t get enough of are the mirrored screen protectors. They’re tempered, and of course protect your screen from dings and scratches. Then, when your phone is locked, the display acts as a mirror – so you can easily make sure that your lipstick hasn’t smudged, you don’t have anything in your teeth and/or that your hair is under control after braving the wild winter weather. Beyond of all of that, whether you choose the gold or the platinum, they’re gorgeous! I’ve had the gold on my phone for a few days now, and I am in LOVE.


After we had the chance to chat with Daymond and the Moguls Mobile team, I headed over to the Nikon booth to check out the ‘Nikon 360 Project.’ Picture this (no pun intended): 48 amazing Nikon D750 cameras, surrounding you as you stand in the middle of a circle. On the count of three, you strike a pose and each camera takes a super high resolution photo – all of which are strung together to create a looping video of you, suspended in mid-air, in whatever pose you’ve chosen. It was one of the coolest. things. ever.


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Next on the list of my favorite things on the show floor was Intel’s ‘Spider Dress,’ which took wearable technology to a whole new level. As the model wore the dress, the legs would move around her shoulders! While the prototype was completely harmless, the bigger story here is that the technology has the ability to recognize when a person is being approached too quickly or too aggressively, and protect the wearer accordingly.


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There is never a shortage of things to see at the Consumer Electronics Show, and we’re taking it all in! We’ll be staying on top of the newest tech trends all year long, and we’ll of course be keeping you in the loop. Hurray for technology!


As always, if you have any questions about the show or the latest and greatest in electronics, ask away. It’s what I’m here for!


Shop Tech Deals with Steph Duchaine on HSN


What wearable technology do you most want to try?

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