My NYE Guide From Glam Styles to Good Eats

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It’s New Year’s Eve and my hopes are high for the wonderful year ahead! Lucky for me my job lets me see all the latest fashions, beauty products, and accessories so when it comes time for a party I’ve got some expert brands to turn to. If you need some last minute inspiration for an NYE party outfit, a make-up style that will last well past midnight, or what healthy drink to toast with, check out my NYE guide below.  I’ll let you see a glimpse into my closet for some party outfits, how I’ll style it up with jewelry and accessories, and how I plan to go glam with some new hairstyles. I also happen to be the hostess of a party this year so you’ll get to see some recipes ready for my table before the stroke of midnight!


1) What To Wear

I love to dress up for New Year’s celebrations whether I’m hosting at home or going out for a celebration dinner. Marc New York has gorgeous dresses that are form-fittingly alluring while staying classy that work really for whichever NYE plan you have this year.






With either of these two dresses I definitely get the sense of a vintage style, which I adore, so I would want to finish it off with these beaded suede pumps by Sam Edelman




As for the final finishing touches, I think NYE jewelry should always be one of two things: glamorous or glittery! Pearls and diamonds never go out of style and so its only fitting to choose this necklace from the Audrey Hepburn collection, Hepburn being the icon for style-all-your-own sophistication, to pair with my two former picks.




Now switching gears, if I’m in the mood for a bolder look that is sure to grab everyone’s attention and make me feel like a rockstar I’m going to choose Kyle by Kyle Richards to help me. I love the billowy body of this jumpsuit! Lots of room for dancing until midnight 🙂




2) Make Up & Accessories

To match this celebratory occasion I want to do a bolder make up style than my usual 9-5 routine, and so I’m going to turn to a brand that is all about “fiercing up” my look for the big night. TYRA has lip colors that will pop in the glow of party lights without losing their shine. My favorite is this fuschia shade (a big change of pace from my usual nude pinks).




For a full face tutorial on an NYE look I also recommend Too Faced, this is one of my go-to products for creating a warm blush that will highlight your inner and outer glow.




Now that my face is taken care of and the colors I’m wearing are picked out I like to coordinate it all with my nails. OPI has a huge collection of polishes that rivals Crayola in unique shades. I’m thinking of following this simple OPI tutorial to get an 18K finish!




3) Yummy Bites & Bubbly

So now that my outfit is completely decked out all I have to worry about is what I’ll serve my guests. To give everyone a nice change of pace from the typical holiday foods of the past few weeks I’m going to make Chef Donatella Arpaia’s wonderful marinara sauce paired with some fresh linguine. One of my go-to pans to use to make this dish is from Lorena Garcia.  Her cookware is so modern.




I know some of my house guests might like a traditional champagne toast at midnight but some may also like to abstain so this year I’m going to try making two versions of Ingrid Hoffman’s St. Nicks Naughty Punch Recipe. For the virgin version I will omit the wine and swap in old-fashioned ginger ale that has more bite and sparkling cider for the other liquid ingredients.




Easy and fun plus delicious – also less than a dinner out or having to worry about trying to swing a car and driver on NYE night; I love to celebrate with friends at home. Here is to your best year yet!

#HappyNewYear ladies! What will be your NYE style?

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