My Jewelry Gift Giving Guide

My Jewelry Gift Giving Guide


Hi Girls!


Whether you’re giving jewelry as a holiday present, a birthday present, or a gift to commemorate a special milestone in a gal’s life, I think there are a few guidelines to ensure your gift is always spot-on and enjoyed. Of course it’s always a breeze shopping for ourselves, but when you’re picking out something sparkly for a lucky girl in your life, you have to put in a little extra thought and consideration. Below I’ve listed my top five jewelry gift giving tips, and hope you girls find them helpful!


1. Review Her Day-to-Day Look

Be mindful of how your friend dresses and accessorizes day to day. Does she love big statement pieces? More delicate and subtle sparkles? Think about if you want her to enjoy the piece every day or on special occasions.


2. Consider Her Coloring

Will a certain color bring out her eyes? An accessory like these “Pretty as a Peacock” Crystal Drop Earrings works great for blue or green eyes. Or will a certain color make her complexion shine? Keep these things in mind when considering the color of the piece you’re giving her.

"Pretty as a Peacock" Crystal Drop Earrings


3. Think About Her Lifestyle

A new mom with a baby might not want a big statement necklace that’ll get in the way- but she’ll certainly appreciate a beautiful ring or some sparkly earrings to brighten up her look. A nurse or doctor might not be able to wear a big bauble ring, but she’ll surely love a statement pin like this “Auld Lang Syne” Crystal-Accented Pocket Watch Pin that’ll brighten her scrubs or doctors coat.

"Auld Lang Syne" Crystal-Accented Pocket Watch Pin


4. Check Her Current Collection

Recall the pieces she already has in her jewelry collection. You’ll want to give her something different to compliment her old favorites, and coordinate well with sparkles she already owns. If she has a favorite watch, consider some coordinating bangles like this “Irresistible Impressions” Crystal Cuff Bracelet for a sparkly arm party!

"Irresistible Impressions" Crystal Cuff Bracelet


5. Choose Her Favorites

Consider her favorite critters, emblems, or hobbies. An avid aviary fan will go nuts over a beautiful bird pin, and a gardener will surely appreciate a beautiful floral necklace. Any fan of the ocean will love a sea critter piece- you get the idea!


What do you consider when gift giving jewelry?

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