Mothers Hold Their Children’s Hands for a Short While, But Their Hearts Forever

(Pictured right: Carol Brodie, her aunt and mother)
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I want to dedicate this blog to a Mothers Love… My mother is my inspiration, role model and icon. Her beauty and grace, class, sophistication, intelligence and wit are the truest Rarities! She has guided me through the joys and perils of my life with so much love and has calmed every storm. From childhood pleasures, to college anxiety, to marriage, motherhood and a major illness, my mom has held my hand, cried my tears and relieved my fears. Her optimism and compassion have guided me and hopefully have fashioned me into a loving daughter, sister, friend and mother.
I created my Mother’s Day collection to honor all mothers… the fancy colored sapphire eternity bangles represent a mother’s eternal love. An art deco white and blue diamond Swiss made timepiece is a symbol of love, excellence and purity. Because of a diamonds unmatched hardness and clarity, it also symbolizes power, strength, brilliance and unparalleled beauty. What better way to celebrate her timeless love? I have also collected a limited number of cinnamon zircons and set them into gorgeous halo rings. Zircon occurs in a wide range of colors, but for many years the most popular was the colorless variety, which looks more like diamond than any other natural stone. Because of its brilliance and dispersion, the cinnamon colored zircon rivals a red diamond in its aesthetic; but not its price. What a wonderful way to tell mom how brilliant and sparkling she is?
Whatever you select, whether it is a bejeweled evil eye for protection; feather earrings to express mom’s celestial wisdom or a diamond hamsa and star pendant – there will be much meaning, beautiful moments and magnificent memories created by your thoughtful gift.

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