Monday Night Show Challengers Transform Into Human Vacuums

Another messy Monday Night Show challenge… this time in honor of the Dyson!

Posted by Adam Freeman on HSN on Tuesday, August 18, 2015


For some people the thought of being in front of a camera might make their stomachs jump and their legs feel like jelly, but for our Monday Night Show challenge team it was the contest itself that was turning everyone to jello. In this week’s “Who Sucks More” challenge things got messy fast as participants were put to the test on cleaning their plates the old-fashioned way.


While our jello challenge is one method for clearing a plate, the DC47 Compact Canister Vacuum by Dyson is a much better way to tidy up around the house. It comes with five different tools for those hard-to-reach spots when cleaning and when paired with the infamous Dyson’s ball technology dust and dirt won’t stand a chance!

Dyson DC47 Compact Canister Vacuum


On the Monday Night Show we might put our guests through some funny ringers but at least in this case no one had to walk away hungry! Tune in every week at 7pm EST to see which special guests join me on-air and learn the best ways to use your new favorite gadgets and gizmos!


What’s the biggest mess in your house that you need the Dyson Vacuum to tackle?

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