Meet Nyakio and See What Inspires Her

Hello Everyone!
I am so excited to be sharing my new luxury skincare line, nyakio™, with you!
When I think of Africa, I think of…rich ingredients, beautiful scenery, warm people. I think of a multicultural, sophisticated place. I’m a first generation American of Kenyan decent, from a family of medicine men, farmers and educators, who taught me the incredible skincare benefits of African ingredients for ALL women everywhere.
I’ve ALWAYS been passionate about beauty! I created this line to pay homage to my family’s heritage and share our beauty secrets for maintaining more youthful-looking skin.
My Kenyan Coffee Collection was inspired by my paternal grandmother, a coffee and sugarcane farmer who taught me about the energizing and exfoliating benefits of Kenyan Coffee.  My grandfather on my mother’s side was a medicine man, and I learned from his legacy the power of ingredients found in nature to nourish and protect the skin.
Following in the traditions of my grandparents, I combined good-for-you ingredients with modern formulations, free of parabens and sulfates, to hydrate, smooth and revitalize skin.
My research has allowed me to feel as if I’m taking my own journey around the continent of Africa daily! For example, I discovered Ivory Coast Kola Nut that is naturally high in caffeine and known in the region for its skin-energizing properties.  I infused this with unique African oils, like the Miracle Oil, Marula, to create my Hydrating Kola Nut Collection.
I encourage you all to take a moment every day to follow your passion or just do something YOU love to do. This has been a passionate journey that has taken me over 10 years!  I am one lucky lady that my dream has landed me here with all of you!
Join me in the nyakio™ experience at, and
See you on air soon!

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