Martha Stewart Returning to HSN September 13

Hi everyone!
Guess what? I’ve missed being a part of the HSN fun so much that I’m coming back this September 13 at midnight for a supersized Today’s Special!!! I really can’t wait till you see what we’ve got for you this time. It’s the biggest Today’s Special we’ve EVER done and it’s quite amazing.
It’s so big, in fact, that I can’t possibly do it alone. That’s right—Martha’s coming with me!!! I love it when Martha and I get to appear together. We have so much fun sharing our newest ideas with everyone. Personally, at the end of the day I find myself so inspired by Martha that I have a hundred new ideas for the next show! See how the cycle of crafting continues at Martha Stewart Crafts?
I hope you had a spectacular summer; I know I did. I spent some much-needed time away at the beach seeing my friends and family. But hands down, the biggest news for me was the birth of my newest niece, Sarah Lucille, on August 26! She is the most perfect baby, as you can tell from the photos.
I don’t know about you, but I think the birth of a baby has the most far-reaching impact of any family event. So many people’s lives change forever. For years to come, there are the first words and walks to record, birthdays to celebrate, school plays to witness, boo-boos to mend, and milestones to encourage, all as a result of this new baby. All the while, we’re compelled to capture these events so that we never forget, and more importantly, so that we have an outlet to express our love.
That’s why what we do as crafters is so very important. We pour our hearts into our crafts as an expression of our love. We spend our ever-diminishing free time handmaking a gift or a card or maybe even the wrapping around a gift, in the hope that it will somehow show the recipient how much we care. Indeed, we spend countless hours recording and scrapbooking all of those life events solely because of love.
Even now, when I go back and read through my baby book and see every note my mother made about my first giggle, my first smile, my first solid food, my first word (the list is endless, I assure you!), I think of the love my mother had and still has for me. She painstakingly recorded my life, and I can keep it and cherish her love forever.
So welcome, baby Sarah —and thank you, Mom. I love you both more than I can express, although I will never stop trying.
See you all at midnight on September 13!

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