Lucky Shops 2009

Lucky Shops 2009
There are few things in life that I find really hard to believe… The tooth fairy did not fly into my bedroom, lift up my pillow, put money underneath and fly away without waking me. Mary Poppins could not possibly fit a lamp inside of her handbag. Dorothy could never wear her ruby slippers on her feet throughout the entire movie without ever getting a blister. And lastly, Rebecca Taylor, Tracy Reese, Shoshanna, Gerard Yosca, Rebecca Minkoff, Helen Ficalora, and Kooba cannot be sold at HSN!!! Well now that one I have to believe!!!
The Lucky Shops Designer Capsule Collection is here at last. We got together with our fabulous friends at Lucky magazine and created the most amazing MUST HAVE items from some of the hottest designers around. Each and every designer was handpicked by HSN and Lucky to create the ultimate timeless collection for you at home.
From Tracy Reese’s jersey dress (looks perfect with tights, boots, ballet flats- you name it!), to Rebecca Taylor’s timeless ruffle cardigan (over dresses, jeans, leggings- hello travel!), to Helen Ficalora’s celebrity “mandated” necklace (you practically cannot walk onto a movie set unless you own one of Helen’s signature charms), to exclusive Rebecca Minkoff handbags (her “morning after bag” became a quick cult classic!) and many many more…
So what’s the downside? Limited quantities. Because we pulled this together for you so fast, we were only able to get limited quantities so sign up now so that you are sure not to miss a thing when the designers go on HSN live October 16th and 17th.
The upside? Close to 20 exclusive designer styles ranging from dresses to handbags to jewelry at prices that are simply put… unbelievable!
I mean, where else can you get a Kooba Patent Leather handbag for $225?? (I know the last one I saw was $650!!) As Dorothy says, “There really is no place like…”

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