Lucky Editor’s Top 5 Picks from Our Lucky Shops Designer Event Collection

There’s nothing worse than being a remorseful shopper, which in my experience rarely happens from pulling the trigger on something I want to buy. It’s always the opposite. True remorse happens when I convince myself that I don’t need the item in question, walk away, and rue that decision until the end of days.
True story: I still think about a pair of sky-high royal blue Marc Jacobs heels I left behind up at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets—10 years ago. I’ve set a permanent eBay alert. So to that end, here are the five things I’ll most definitely be buying from Lucky’s latest HSN capsule collection, without giving any of them a second thought. Here are the five things I’ll be snapping up from the Lucky/HSN collaboration (before they sell out!):

1. Matt Bernson Special Project, Tundra Motorcycle Boots with Faux-Fur Lining, $179.90

I used to be a competitive skier when I was a kid and accidentally let my feet get frostbitten one sub-zero day. To this day, my circulation is messed up and my feet are constantly cold, so I’m always on the hunt for footwear that’s both stylish and insulating. I’m pretty ecstatic about these faux-fur-lined motorcycle boots, because they’re streamlined and comfortable—and decidedly pretty tough too. I’ll be wearing these with tights and dresses, and with jeans too. If I tabulate cost per wear this winter alone, I’m guessing I can get them down to about two bucks a day, a price WELL worth paying in my mind.

2. Thread by Thread Social, Charmeuse Pants, $59.90
Every time I say this people look at me like I’m crazy, but I’m convinced that there is nothing more flattering on 99 percent of women than a cropped black pant. The ankle is the daintiest point of any woman’s leg, and so a pant that hits right above this point instantly makes the leg look longer and leaner in comparison. Audrey Hepburn comparisons aside, they’re truly chic and wildly flattering. Don’t believe me? That’s okay, because that means there are more pairs out there for me.

3. LP by Linea Pelle, “Sierra” Stretch Waist Belt, $49.90
If you have any semblance of curves (like me), then you probably find that many of the season’s trendiest items make you look, well, larger than you actually are. That’s because big, voluminous shapes are always in. So while I normally pick pieces that are inherently tailored (button-downs, blazers) in order to give my body a fighting chance beneath, for everything else, I lean on an ever-growing collection of belts.  Whether it’s multiple layers up top that are drowning me in fabric, or a dress that’s cut a bit like a sack, a wide belt instantly reins it all in, carves out my waist, and creates a flattering hourglass effect. I love this belt because it’s elastic, and it has totally understated studding in the front—comfortable and cool!

4. Matt Bernson Special Project, “Sabot” Suede Wood Clogs with Buckles, $159.90
Every time a ’60s-inspired clog comes back in style (it has, in a HUGE way this fall), I’m pretty ecstatic. Not only are they the best way of adding a touch of earthiness to an otherwise polished outfit, but they’re wildly easy on the feet, too. It’s really the best way to get a shot of height without sacrificing comfort. This pair is great because the biker-ish details mean they’re far from hippie. I’ll be wearing these with everything from slick pencil skirts to cuffed skinny jeans.

5. Thread by Thread Social, Ponte Dress with Sleeve Detail, $79.90
Holiday season is almost upon us, which means that it’s time to stockpile as many party dresses as possible, because don’t you find that you always run into the same people at every party, thus necessitating a new outfit? Regardless of justification, I’m pretty obsessed with this ruched-sleeve dress because I think I can wear it through December and beyond—it’s fitted but not overly sexy, and topped with a cardigan and belt I can absolutely make it work for the office. I think I’ll be ordering it in gray—though one arguably cannot have enough LBDs. Meanwhile, the purple is pretty fun—and since it’s a jewel tone, it’s flattering on every skin tone.
–Elise Loehnen, Editor-at-Large, Lucky Magazine
The Lucky Shops Designer Event collection premieres on Tuesday, October 19th on HSNtv. Don’t miss out! Take advantage of event pricing now!
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