Look At The World Through Rosetone Jewelry

Look At The World Through Rosetone Jewelry

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Big, beautiful gemstones and colorful beadwork aren’t the only ways to change up our accessories to have more of an “autumn” feel. Rosetone plating can give our fall jewelry that subtle accent that warms up our look just in time for the changing temperatures. Spice things up this season with a few of our new favorites and ideas on how to wear them!


1. Color Theory

Rosetone plating, or rose gold as it’s often called, has taken off in a big way in the jewelry world, and some of our favorite designers are readily embracing this new classic. But for a first time wearer it’s not necessarily clear cut on how to pair this new, pretty metal. For starters, think of rose gold in the same way you would yellow gold; they share the same color family for matching up your outfits to your accessories. Colors that will work great with rose gold are earth tones like beiges, charcoals, espresso browns, but don’t be afraid of working with bolder colors like navy, turquoise, coral, or burgundy. The Joan Boyce “Edgy Diva” Pavé Crystal Leather Bracelet is a perfect example of how rose gold accentuates a berry wine shade.

Joan Boyce "Edgy Diva" Pavé Crystal Leather Bracelet


2. Mix Up Metals

There are some traditional rules for styling jewelry style that have lingered around for decades. One of them is to never mix metals like silver and gold but we think it’s time to retire that old adage. Silver and gold, silver and rose gold, rose gold and yellow gold—it all can look good together! The key is to make sure that your accessories are cohesive with your outfit to keep everything in balance. An easy way to try this style is with stacking. Layer multiple slim-cut bracelets, necklaces, or rings of two different metal tones; it brings depth and intrigue to even the most casual looks. Try the Joan Boyce 5-piece Eternity Band Ring Set paired with the Rarities: Fine Jewelry with Carol Brodie Drop Earrings. The colored gemstones within the earrings complements the rose gold perfectly.


3. Made for Diamonds

No doubt about it, diamonds are gorgeous but they can sometimes over-accessorize an outfit or become the main focus when we’d rather they be a supporting role. One way to give diamonds more of a neutral feel is to pair it with a rose gold base. Silver pumps up the shine factor of diamonds and gold provides a strong contrast that makes them pop, but rose gold is a nude shade that softens the look of diamonds. The subtle pink glow of rose gold also imbues a very feminine and romantic effect on any piece of jewelry that pairs so well with diamonds. Try a classic hoop earring like the Joan Boyce Large Pavé Crystal Inside-Outside Hoop Earrings for your next big night out.

Joan Boyce Large Pavé Crystal Inside-Outside Hoop Earrings


Do you wear rose gold in your jewelry? How do you style it?

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