Light The Spark & Give Sparkle with Heidi’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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Hi Girls!


One of my favorite holidays is almost upon us! Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for us gals who love to sparkle and treat ourselves! Even before I was a married lady, I loved treating myself on Valentine’s Day and doing something special just for me. It’s a great day to do something totally decadent and treat yourself like the queen that you are! Buy yourself some beautiful, fragrant flowers, indulge in some decadent, rich chocolates, and of course splurge on a sparkly and sensational piece of jewelry (or two!) that you’ll wear for years to come!


Shop for Jewelery with Heidi Daus on HSN


For me, there’s no better collection to indulge in on Valentine’s Day than my “State of the Heart” Crystal Collection. These gorgeous pieces are definitely the beginning of a beautiful friendship! Fall in love with this sweet heart-collage design. The necklace, earrings, and ring feature clusters of multi-shaped crystals and hidden bird stations, and bring a touch of fantasy and whimsy to all your favorite looks.


Shop for Jewelry with Heidi Daus on HSN


Every time you wear these beauties, you’ll remind yourself of how special and important you are. Besides, men may come and go, but jewelry is forever! Treat yourself to something that won’t wilt or melt this Valentine’s Day; its really the gift that keeps on giving! To all the gentlemen out there, let me just say, jewelry is always the answer! In addition to flowers and chocolates, the gift of sparkle will be enjoyed for years to come! And even better, jewelry always fits, making it an effortless gift where you can’t go wrong.


Shop for Jewelry with Heidi Daus on HSN


I hope you Heidi Girls can treat yourself this Valentine’s Day. Why not drop a subtle hint, and send this gift guide to that special someone in your life? You’ll take the pressure off of them, and be sure you get exactly what you want! Wishing you girls a fantastic and sparkly Valentine’s Day!


How will you celebrate this Valentine’s Day?


Xoxo Heidi

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