Las Vegas JCK Jewelry Show 2012

The Las Vegas JCK Jewelry Show is one of the most important trade shows for our industry. Here’s a look at what was hot and what is going to be the trend for 2013!

From the first days of Couture and JCK, there was an energy that was very different from the last two years I attended. This mood was lively, upbeat and absolutely optimistic for jewelers, retailers and the industry as a whole. Not only that, the enthusiasm for silver was at an all-time high.

As far as gems, prices are up quite dramatically for all the sapphires, Colombian emeralds and most of the tourmaline groups…for the most part for most of the gems!
Popular Gem Picks

Gem Show Favorites

  • “Mexican Fire Opal” remains in short supply, as it has been for the past couple of years
  • “Orange Sapphires” are also a rare gem, but one of my personal favorites
  • London Blue Topaz” is hard to get our hands on, but one of the best selling gems in our industry

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