Kicking Off Spring Fashion with Stylist Robert Verdi

We sat down with fashion expert and celebrity stylist Robert Verdi for a Twitter chat where he answered style questions from our Twitter followers and Facebook fans. He shared great advice that will help you stay looking your best all season long!

HSN: Kristen K. asks @RobertVerdi: What is the 1 item every woman should have in her closet? #HSNFashion
ROBERT VERDI: the one thing every woman should have in her closet is a man that’s not in the closet! ha! #hsnfashion
ROBERT VERDI: the one thing every woman should have in her closet is a fabulous fitted tuxedo jacket #hsnfashion

HSN: @StyledByAmanda asks @RobertVerdi: What do you think about mixing silver & gold? #HSNFashion
ROBERT VERDI: @HSN I love mixing metals, it’s fresh, it’s young, it’s hip… go for it! #hsnfashion

HSN: Joy H. asks @RobertVerdi: As an older woman, how should I wear bold prints this spring? #HSNFashion
ROBERT VERDI: @HSN Every woman can wear bold prints in accessories – get yourself a big bold silk scarf & tie it around your life! #hsnfashion

HSN: @cindylee137 asks: @robertverdi, What style of Blazer is in style right now #HSNFashion
ROBERT VERDI: A single button peaked lapel jacket is the coolest silhouette to wear now @cindylee137 #hsnfashion

HSN: Kendra H. wants to know how to accessorize a baby bump, besides w/ unflattering belts! #HSNFashion
ROBERT VERDI: @hsn empire waist is the easy way out and will always look good kendra! #hsnfashion

HSN: We want to know! @RobertVerdi – What is your favorite neon hue this season? #HSNFashion
ROBERT VERDI: @hsn i loooove all neons – i can’t discriminate #hsnfashion

HSN: What are tips for color blocking that can flatter any figure? @RobetVerdi #HSNFashion
ROBERT VERDI: @hsn color blocking can work when the pieces are loose and your top layer is a long tunic – try it! #hsnfashion

HSN: @robertverdi What’s your last piece of advice before you sign off our chat? #HSNFashion
ROBERT VERDI: fashion is fun when u try something that u never tried before, it’s like going to a new restaurant & tasting something for the 1st time @HSN

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