Keith Urban Rocks The Show With One Lucky Fan

Keith Urban Rocks The Show With One Lucky Fan

Carol didn’t think much of it when she took a survey for HSN a few months back about how she liked her Keith Urban PLAYER Acoustic Guitar. She knew the grand prize was the opportunity to meet Keith in person but she figured the odds outweighed her chances. Sometimes being wrong is a great thing! This past weekend Keith Urban came down for a special visit to HSN to meet Carol in the studio and perform a song with her!


Keith Urban Rocks The Show With One Lucky Fan


We caught up with Carol after her visit to hear her take on this special visit. Find out all about her once-in-a-lifetime experience with Keith below!


1. How did you react when you found out you won the chance to meet Keith Urban?

Carol: It’s funny how I found out actually. We have an answering machine hooked to a landline in my house that we never use. Needless to say we don’t check the messages on the machine often so one night my husband notices a voicemail and it says “Hi this is a representative from HSN and I am calling to reach Carol to let her know that she won the Keith Urban grand prize.” I was over the moon with excitement!  This was back in July too so it has been months of excited anticipation.


2. What was it like meeting Keith Urban in person?

 Carol: Meeting Keith in person was a dream come true and to watch him perform at HSN was like a mini private concert.  He is so nice and genuine.  I asked him to sign my St. Jude calendar, which I brought with me, that has a photo in it that I had submitted.  It’s lucky my photo was placed in December as that’s my birthday month so he wrote happy birthday on it and signed it.

Signed Calendar


We talked about his new song “Break On Me” and how the words resonated with me. I told him the visit was a little bittersweet for me as Sunday was the one year anniversary of my Dad’s passing.  He took my hand and just held it and said Nic lost her Dad last year too.  It was a very touching and sweet moment.


I also showed him a few photos I had snapped from a jumbotron at the Columbus, OH concert and he said they looked like art and asked if he could keep them!

Carol Gifts Keith Photos


3. How did it feel to play Keith’s song “Little Bit of Everything” with him?

Carol: To have him sing while I played was unforgettable. I can’t believe I actually could play it with him and with everyone watching!  I think I did well even though I dropped my guitar pick. I really only seriously started playing guitar when I purchased my Keith Urban Guitar with the 30 songs in 30 days series. To prepare I practiced this song like crazy!

Keith and Carol Played "Little Bit of Everything"


4. What was your favorite part of the overall experience?

Carol: The best part of the experience was meeting Keith, of course, and all of the HSN on-air hosts too. To watch the whole production from behind the scenes gave me a new insight into the magic of television.There’s a lot going on that as viewers we don’t get the chance to see.

Carols Gets A Behind-The-Scenes Look


My visit to the HSN hair/makeup salon was a special treat too; I would have loved to have the artist to come home with me so I could look that good every day.  😉


At HSN we love to find new ways to say thank you for being such loyal customers. We wanted to make sure Carol would never forget her visit to HSN and her awesome rendition of “Little Bit of Everything” so we sent her home with a new guitar signed by Keith too!

Keith Signs Carol's New Guitar


What’s your favorite Keith Urban song?

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