Kathy Najimy Premieres Ch’Arms on HSN, Brings Freedom & Choice to Women

Happy Holidays my Dear HSNers!
I am launching an item that I created this Monday, November 29th and Tuesday, November 30th on HSN!
This is both exciting and surprising to me. I have never even done a TV commercial, and have been asked to endorse products my entire career, but never felt comfortable saying, “Hey World, this toilet cleaning foam will change your life!” But a couple of years ago, I was getting ready to do interviews for a film I had done called WALL-E. I remembered a cute top I had bought at this cool rock store the day before, but it was short-sleeved.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I walk into a clothing store I usually bypass the sleeveless and short-sleeved shirts, and just usher myself on over to the long-sleeved section. Although I love my arms, and absolutely cheer on any woman who chooses to go sleeveless, sometimes I don’t feel comfortable, having my arms bare in some situations. But this particular day, a lavender short-sleeved low-cut hoodie caught my eye, so I bought it.
While I was getting ready for the press junket, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wanted to wear that really cute new shirt for my TV interviews. Now in the past, I would’ve worn a big loose schmata hanging jacket over it, which would unfortunately cover up the rest of my body and the cute new top! Or I’d wear something long-sleeved underneath it, which would bunch up under my shirt and ruin the great, sexy v-neck of my new top!
So I had an idea. I took an old long-sleeved black t-shirt, and cut the front entirely off of it, leaving only the t-shirt base and the sleeves. I put it on and slipped my lavender top over it and voilà! Nothing showed of the black T-shirt except the sleeves, leaving my neckline open, and showing off, not only the cute top, but the shape of my body. I wasn’t covered up and bunched up, and my neckline looked great!

The next day, I wore my little invention under a sleeveless evening gown I found in my closet to the premiere of the film! No bolero, no floppy jacket or sweater over my evening dress, and no bulky, weird neckline shirt under it! Perfect. The next morning I thought, “Well, if I want this garment so much, surely there are other women who would die for it as well!” I spent the next two years developing and refining Ch’Arms. (Get it, Ch’ARMS?)
I spent months in the fabric store, which I had previously no experience navigating–wow, a lot of stuff, feeling and pulling and rubbing the fabric on my face. Lucky I didn’t end up in the tabloids as ‘the weird fabric rubbing lady’! I spent close to two years perfecting it; meeting with seamstresses and dress makers, and experimenting with Velcro, snaps and tabs that attached to the bra to hold the garment up, etc. After many versions, HSN helped me do the final touches, and the final version is perfect! No bra attachments needed at all. Ch’Arms just stay up comfortably on their own! I promise you guys I have never sewn or designed anything, so this was a whole new, interesting world to me! I dove in, took as much time as needed, and made sure the cut was just right–no bunching or cutting, and chose fabrics that were high quality, gorgeous and, most importantly, comfortable!
Ch’Arms comes in three fabrics, and is available in different color options:
Comfy Cotton
It’s so soft it’s luxurious! The comfy cotton is perfect to wear under your short or sleeveless T-shirts, summer dresses, and casual clothes with jeans. You can keep them on all day. It’s like wearing a cloud!
Control Spandex
This material is for those of you who choose to have a little control. It controls your arms and midriff areas so you get two great uses in one!
Evening Mesh
Lightweight, fancy and perfect for that little black cocktail dress or evening wear. It will be invaluable to you during your holiday party dress-up season!
Look, first and foremost, I believe in freedom and choice for women. And this garment gives you both. You can now shop in the short-sleeved section anywhere, as well as going back into your closets and drawers to unearth all of those fantastic short and sleeveless shirts and dresses you already own, but haven’t worn in years!
With Ch’Arms, you seriously can maximize the wardrobe you already have tenfold! So, long story short, I created Ch’Arms selfishly for me. I truly hope my little invention solves a problem for you, as it did for me, and helps to make your day a little more stylish, fun, easy and that they’ll open you up to all the choices in the world!
Kathy Najimy
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