Jump Into Spring With These Five Ways to Get Organized

Spring is in the air (finally). What better way to put the dreary doldrums of winter behind us and welcome in the bright new season than with a little spring cleaning. Out with the old frazzled way of living, and in with the new more organized and structured way of getting through your busy day. After all, don’t you want to head into warmer days with less clutter in your home? Refresh your space and organize your life with these five easy solutions.

Make Your Closet Look Like Mariah’s
There’s no better place to start a newly-organized life than with your closet. Many of us still have a jumble of shoes two-feet high littering the closet floor. Shoe racks aren’t exactly glamorous, but for those without a lavish Mariah Carey-style walk-in closet, they are extremely handy. Hang up those shoes for more floor space. A rack is also a convenient place for those belts and scarves that are hidden in drawers. Your morning routine will thank you.
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Declutter with All-Purpose Baskets

A few strategically placed baskets are good for the home for three reasons. One, they help you stay organized by having a special place for loose items that have a tendency to get lost, like keys, mail, jewelry, sunglasses and toiletries. Two, they free up counter space and keep your space looking spotless. And three, these are just so adorable.

Banish Messy Baubles
Don’t you hate it when you can’t find a matching earring, or when you have to untangle a mess of necklaces? You’re a lot more likely to wear that fabulous jewelry you have if you can actually see it and get to it. Pick up a jewelry organizer to display your most adorable baubles with the added benefit of protecting them from rust and damage. No more earring backs lost in the carpet for you. This roll-up organizer is also perfect for traveling.
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Get Organized at Homewith a Blackberry

PDAs aren’t just for the office. On the home-front, they can help you organize the busy schedule of your entire family. Keep task lists, maintain calendars, update address and have instant access to email and the Internet on the go. And there are tons of productivity apps like Lister and myTasks that help you prioritize and save time. Keep your home running as smoothly as a business with a BlackBerry.

Save Space While Saving Your Leftovers

There’s no need to do an entire overhaul to make a big difference in the kitchen. A new set of food storage containers can help regulate an overflowing cabinet full of cheap plastic bowls and mismatched lids. Check out these glass containers from Pryex. They won’t stain or leach any plastic chemicals into your food. They’re oven and microwave safe, great for refrigerator storage, and the air-tight lids make them just perfect for lunch on-the-go.
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