Jewelry in September

The best is yet to come! The whole idea of joyous anticipation is all about looking forward to things. My Mom always said it is important in life to have things to look forward to. She was absolutely right! I hope you have lots of good things to look forward to in the near future. If you love jewelry then you certainly are going love what is to come at HSN. Without a doubt, our jewelry has been fabulous over the years. I think you will agree it is getting even better.
I am really looking forward to the Chinese Harvest Moon Festival of Jade on September 25th. Jade is just one of those stones that evokes a feeling of calm and power. The designs are a mix of traditional and modern.
For some serious fun Starlet Jewelry by Hot in Hollywood is going to be a blast on the 28th of September. Laurie Feltheimer always is on the lookout for us in Hollywood. She is as sweet and smart in person as she is on TV.
Speaking of Hollywood, Jean Dousset is celebrating his 2nd anniversary on September 29th. He is jewelry royalty and we are thrilled you love him as much as we do. You have embraced his “art of jewelry” and his personality whole heartedly. Every time Pamela, our Absolute Buyer ( you can see her photo in previous blogs in a meeting and in Asia) sees Jean’s sketches she is blown away by his creativity. He really is bridging his family history of fine jewelry making with the best trends of today. Creating classic fine jewelry that still feels modern is not an easy thing to do! I always look forward to my shows with Jean because he is the real deal and always has a twinkle in his eye. Actually, that twinkle might just be the reflection of the gemstones.

Jean Dousset in his LA office

For this anniversary visit, he designed an amazing created Sapphire ensemble to celebrate this anniversary and the fact that Sapphire is September’s birthstone. Follow him on Twitter and see how busy he is with all his celebrity friends and clients.
Created stones are extraordinary these days. We only bring you the finest and trust me, even a trained Gemologist can have a hard time telling the difference between the natural and the created stones..
The Today’s Special on the 29th is also a celebration of the 14th Anniversary Absolute Event – let me just say if you adore the colors of diamonds this is your lucky day. Circle it on your calendar! Talk about the look for less! The original Today’s Special was made in Diamonds and appraised for thousands of dollars.
Carol Brodie and Rarities is back – you can count on seeing her every month! She is on September 26th and is going to blow your mind with her iconic fine jewelry designs.
Dalia is back with her original Balinese inspired Technibond designs. She is so cool. Don’t you love her take on things?
A quick answer to you Janella in KY – the sweater that you are asking about is going to be the Today’s Special on September 19th from Colleen Lopez and her My Favorite Things Collection. You should be able to get it in time for the wedding!
Brace yourself for October which is Gem Month at HSN. It is going to be astonishing. If you love exotics and rare finds, October is your month. The October blog is going up at the end of September so I can give you as much of a head start as possible…

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