Jewelry Goddesses

Goddess: Divine feminine; mother, creator, nurturer, healer, artist, warrior, peacemaker
I am counting the days until March 28th….This will be the day to connect with your own inner jewelry goddess! We are celebrating our Silver Gallery 4th Anniversary! We will be showcaseing many beautiful designer collections including Deb Guyot, Jess David, and CL by Design.
Be sure to tune is as Sajen Silver by Richard and Marianna Jacobs will premiere their amazing collection of hand crafted Balinese jewelry. Their artistic designs are inspired by the wonders of nature, their love of art, and the abundant and historic beauty of Bali. Jewelry lovers and collectors will marvel in these precious adornments meant to bring out the goddess in each of us!
The shining star of the Silver Gallery Anniversary is my first CL by Design Drusy Today’s Special! We are launching the first ever Faceted Window Drusy ring – and all thanks to the ultimate goddess: Mother Earth! I have to pinch myself every time I look at this beautiful ring! Drusy (spelled with an S, pronounced with a Z) is always “one of a kind” and is a statement of taste and individuality. Look for a kaleidoscope of colors: Violet Rainbow, Sunset Rose, and Black Diamond….affordable magnificence for all gem collectors and jewelry lovers!

We invite you to celebrate the wonder of unique gemstones and artistic design with us on March 28th…
“Come awaken the goddess…her song is sleeping in your heart.”
Sweet Dreams,
Answers to questions:
Wow – We are “BOWLLED OVER” by your requests for Jay King gemstone Bowls!! The good news is Jay is working on it for us. He’s asked us to be patient as this is a huge undertaking (each bowel is thousands of carats of stone). He hopes to launch them before the end of the year! Thank you for your requests – Jay hears you loud and clear!
Sajen Fans: Thank you for your wonderful comments! Richard and Marianna have been reading my blog and they are thrilled by your enthusiastic words of welcome! Their show times on March 28th are as follows: 12:30 am, 1:00 pm, 10:00 pm. Can’t wait!

Lois in Illinois
– Thank you for all the kind words and great feedback! I’m so glad you love your Paula Abdul star bracelet and ring – so pretty! Paula said she will work on “necklaces” for our “fur babies” – yeah! Also, I will pass on your message to Adrienne’s buyer….her jewelry is fabulous (I just love Adrienne – she’s a great lady!) Take good care and thanks for keeping in touch.

Marla in PA
– We are planning to continue making the Prestige Boxes in both colors you’re like – brown and black. We will be launching more new colors this spring. This month we have a couple new multi-purpose designs you make like…stay tuned!
Nancy in Texas – Yes to both of your requests! We are bring in the Potays in all colors for our Silver Gallery Anniversary on the 28th. Deb Guyot will be here on this day as well with the return of her gorgeous citrine “Lemon Drop” necklace!!
Hi Melanie in PA! I will be sure to request the darling cat bracelet by Amy Kahn Russell to be reordered….It was so popular, I know many cat lovers missed it the first time!
Pat in NY – Thank you for your request. I will request that include Silver Gallery on the When to Watch emails….Great idea!
Kiema in MO – I will let the buyer know you are waiting for your Barse ring to come back in stock!
June in PA – I will speak to my buyer, Natalie, about bringing in earrings to match the other interchangeable Kwan Yin pieces…Thank you for your request!
Nicole in CA – I’m so happy you love Diana Venezia designs….she’s a very talented lady! I will be sure to pass on your wonderful comments – thank you!
Star and Meryl – We’re working on my duel time zone watch! I hope to have it here by May – stay tuned!
Pam in OH – You have a good eye! Jennifer’s ring was ruby and pink diamond – gorgeous! She has amazing rings!!! Deb Guyot has some incredible Milky Aqua coming n June (I love this stone, too). Thanks for keeping in touch!
Valerie in NJ – The cuff box you are asking about is scheduled to be back in stock for the 28th….if you check in the next couple weeks, you should be able to find it.
Dana in PA – I will forward your suggestions for Technibond to our buyer, Adrienne…..She loves high end design so I’m sure she’ll try to find more pieces to your liking!
I really appreciate your feedback – keep your comments and questions coming!

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