Jennifer Martinson Brings the Stylish & Versatile Magic Dress to HSN

Jennifer Martinson, 31, of San Antonio, TX, is the third winner of TLC’s Homemade Millionaire with her ingenious fashion creation, the Adelle June “Magic Dress.” With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism, Martinson spent her early career in radio and film production, and eventually stumbled into selling real estate, while secretly dreaming of a career as a fashion designer the entire time. As she embarks on this new adventure with HSN, she is on her way to making ‘the rest of her life, the best of her life’ — an inspirational motto she lives by.

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We chatted with Jennifer to find out what some of her most memorable Homemade Millionaire moments were, and why we should make her product a part of our lives.
Tell us about your “this is it” moment—the moment you knew this product would make your dreams come true.
I have had several endearing moments along the way. One of the most memorable was when two friends came to my apartment for the debut of the Magic Dress. They were so excited about all the variations and looks that they each immediately grabbed a dress and started trying them on. At each change they would excitedly ask, “Have you worn it like this?! What about this way?!” They were like two little kids opening their first present on Christmas morning.
Another great moment was when we finished the fashion show challenge while filming Homemade Millionaire. We were waiting for the audience votes to be tallied, and I started taking pictures off to the side of one of my models in the Magic Dress. After a few changes, I turned around to a crowd of “oo-ing” and “aah-ing” women who had gathered behind me to watch each change. After each change, I would step back to take her picture and the crowd would collectively gasp, and then start nodding their heads in approval. It was too cute.
But the most meaningful moment was after the Homemade Millionaire final decision was announced, and there was my mom…with Kelly Ripa, Mark Badgley, James Mischka, Jen Cotter and Chris Nicola–all of these incredible individuals were there giving me hugs and congratulations. At that time, I turned and asked Mark and James if they had ever seen anything like my product in the fashion industry, utilizing zippers the way I had, and they both shook their head “No.” At that moment, I thought: Well, that’s just too cool! All the while, having the biggest, fattest grin clear across my face.
What are some ups and downs of the invention process? Any memorable or funny stories about testing your invention?
In preparation for Homemade Millionaire I was told to bring as many Magic Dresses as I had available for filming. At that time, I was still personally manufacturing each dress. So for weeks on end, it was just me and my sewing machine buzzing away at night, after my day job, and well into the next morning. But no matter how much time I spent sewing, I felt like I could never make enough Magic Dresses. Before I left to film I decided to bring my sewing machine to New York hoping to produce more in our down time.
On my way to New York, I had this huge heavy machine in my carry-on, and I was scared to death it wouldn’t make it past airport security. But I was willing to risk having my sewing machine confiscated just so I could have enough Magic Dresses for the biggest opportunity of my life. As my machine was going through the airport scanner, I see the TSA representative look at the machine, pause the scanner, reverse the scanner, and with a wide-eyed look on her face, and what felt like the longest pause of my life, looked up and said, “Alright, who’s got the sewing machine?” To which I meekly raised my hand, hoping it would pass inspection…and it did!
What is the one, absolute reason why people should make your product a part of their lives?
The Magic Dress is absolutely a must-have for all women. It takes your little black dress (or red, cobalt, or aubergine!) to a whole new level. You will never again walk into a party and be wearing the same dress as another woman–even if it’s a Magic Dress party! The dress is absolutely unique to each woman’s personality and changes with her various tasks throughout the day. As women, we are a million different little things throughout our day: we are professionals, mothers, wives, best friends, experts, luncheon buddies, girlie-girls or sassy-little-things when we want to be. The Magic Dress allows each woman to express herself uniquely in each situation. Plus, packing for a trip has never been easier. Imagine taking one dress for an entire vacation, and never having the same look twice. Magical!
Now that you’re a Homemade Millionaire and HSN success story, what’s your next step, dream or goal?
I have always dreamt of being a full-time fashion designer, so watch out world…Here I come! As a designer, I love creating pieces that can be worn in many different ways allowing the woman wearing the outfit to be the ultimate decision maker in the way she looks. I love incorporating versatility in my line and plan on developing the Adelle June brand to its fullest. There are so many exciting variations of the Magic Dress yet to come, and my goal is to partner with HSN to bring all of these fun and versatile designs to reality.
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