It’s Time To Get In Touch with Smart Watches

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When time is money it’s smart to watch your clock throughout the day and now our wrist wear just got a little smarter to do that even better! Smart watches keep the traditional look of a timepiece combined with new and easy to use technology that can can track our fitness, finances, and phones. To stay connected anywhere you go look no further than your wrist.


Here’s what smart watches can do:


1. Instant updates

Do you love your smartphone or tablet and the ease at which you can keep in touch with friends and family? Then you’ll love how smart watches can show text messages, social media alerts and incoming emails from those devices that stream to your wrist! No need to go fishing for your phone in your bag to see who sent you a note when you have the instant answer on your watch. The Cogito Classic SmartWatch will stream notifications for you and comes in fun colors to mix with your outfits.


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2. Health/Fitness Tracking

We all would love to get into better shape and smart watches are the newest tool to help us do that. With nothing more than wearing one of these stylish watches you can get a daily report of how many steps you took that day, how many calories you burned, and what was the total distance you traveled. Seeing your progress so easily is a great motivator. The Smart Health Unisex Calorie, Step and Heart Rate Watch by Tony Little even includes a suggested beginner’s walking and fitness guide!


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3. Sleep Monitor

Do you ever wake up feeling tired and wonder how well you might be sleeping at night? Certain smart watches that are worn overnight can monitor how much shut eye you’re getting and track your sleep quality. The 3 Plus Snap Wristband tracker is slim and comfortable to wear and is water resistant so you can wear it virtually 24/7 for thorough records.


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4. Financial Planner

Wouldn’t it be great to have a financial advisor who could give us helpful tips on how to manage our budgets?  Well, that’s what the Nicole Lapin’s CASH Smartwatch provides! Stylishly designed this smartwatch will surprise you with how it can track your expenses, set up an easy-to-follow budget for you, and give you notifications of your finances. This is one little watch that can turn out to be a big investment for your wallet.


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How would you use a smart watch every day?

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