InstA-tox Anniversary Celebration

I just love fall – the colors, the clothes, the smells – it’s such wonderful season for the senses!
Before I head to Florida for the Serious Skincare shows, I am working on decorating the house for fall – the usual – pumpkins, gourds, fall leaves, etc…   of course, living in Southern California I need to start my hunt for fall foliage early on in the year!   Anyway, the house looks terrific and when I return from Florida the girls and I will add in our “spooky” elements so the house will be all set for Halloween.  Such preparation!
Around the same time that I was sourcing the fall foliage – my team and I began working on our October show assortment – and I cannot wait for you to see what we have made available for HSN – you can get a preview of the assortment NOW by clicking to Serious Skincare on  We have an amazing assortment of YOUR favorite skincare items for fall – for those with dry skin, we have several options from our Olive Oil line which is ideal for dry skin – whether seasonal or environmentally – dry skin – Serious Skincare has your skin covered!
October’s assortment also includes the most CUSTOMER PICKS of any of our most recent shows – choose from the NEW C-Restore, the NEW Pure Peptide Fading Fluid and the Glycolic Gommage.  Each of the 3 products are available on a special price through the October visit – so if you want to experience the tremendous benefits of the C-Restore, the Pure Peptide Cream– AND SAVE  on the purchase – you need to act NOW!
This fall we celebrate a very special milestone in that we mark the 10th Anniversary of InstA-tox – our topical, temporary, wrinkle eradicator!  So many imitators have come and gone over the last decade yet InstA-tox has passed the test of time – for the simple fact that IT WORKS.
We are celebrating the event with a fun gathering on HSN’s facebook and for our Serious Skincare Beauty Club, we have a special reward just for you!   If you want to take advantage of this “reward” – be sure to visit and join the Beauty Club BEFORE October 8.
Over the years, many of you have come into contact with, or have heard me mention on air our associate John Pinocci.   John has been with Serious Skincare for over 15 years and wears many “hats” in the organization, including representing me on shopping channels in Germany and Canada.   I am happy to tell you that John, together with Cecilia, will be appearing on HSN this month in special Serious Skincare show on Sunday morning, October 7 from 2-4am.    I know John is very excited about getting out there on HSN and I suspect he has a few surprises for everyone who stays up – or gets up – to join him and Cece!
Finally, in honor of the InstA-tox anniversary, I would love to have you share with me your thoughts on InstA-tox – how you use it, when you use it and where you use it!
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