Inspired New Outfits All From 1 Staple Piece

Inspired New Outfits All From 1 Staple Piece

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Half the fun of fashion is getting creative but sometimes we need a fresh perspective to reinspire our daily wardrobe. We’ve done an outfit overhaul and are showing you how we created three completely different looks all using the same pieces. Not only will you love these looks but your budget will too! Try these style tips in your closet at home to find new uses for your everyday apparel.


These 3 looks incorporate the Platinum Luxe City Coat with Couture Faux Fur Vest by IMAN as the staple piece for mix and matching with outfits.


1. The Relaxed Look

The Relaxed Look

For some of us the biggest issue we might have with our wardrobes is figuring out how to style our dressier pieces down for a low key look. To help create a more laid back style the first thing to do is choose more relaxed fits. That can mean styling a pair of sweats for your bottoms like these Johnson Black Jogger Pants from CJ by Cookie Johnson. This simple change will help high-styled items, like this faux fur vest, feel more casual. Pairing this vest with a simple cotton long sleeve top underneath also works to tie the black pants and top together. For everyday wear, style this look with a cute pair of black ballet flats, or you can go bold and add a pop of color for fun like with these red pumps.


2. The Business Look

The Business Look

For a business professional look we wanted to emphasize the polish of the vest and coat combo. Of course, we also wanted to make sure the outfit wouldn’t seem too flashy for the office. To add refinement to any outfit try styling your layers together all in the same color family. The grays of the coat and vest play well off each other and it helps to make the faux fur vest feel more demure and uniform. For the bottoms, a pair of slim leg black trousers works to make this look perfect for meetings or business dinners. When dressing for business atmospheres, and to differentiate your outfits, accessories can make a big difference! Closed-toe black pumps are a classic choice for business looks.


3. The Date Look

The Date Look

For a special night out we want an outfit that makes us feel confident and sexy, and we don’t have to wear all form-fitting layers to achieve that. The platinum city coat is the perfect layer to pair with a stretch-knit dress like the IMAN Striped Leather and Ponte Dress. The coat creates a more structured silhouette that balances the bodycon fit of the dress, and it gives the overall outfit more dimension and intrigue. If you want to try pairing long coats with shorter dresses choose a coat with a hem length that nearly matches the dress. It lengthens the torso and draws the eye evenly across the outfit.


How do you mix and match staple pieces in your closet for new looks?

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