Indulge In A Healthy Snack with Robert Irvine’s Green Grape & Spinach Power Smoothie

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Good-grapecious! Grapes are for more than just jam and wine; they’re great for hydration being mostly water and are a low-calorie source of essential nutrients like Vitamin K and A. My Green Grape and Spinach Power Smoothie is a delicious afternoon pick-me-up that has enough sweetness to completely mask the flavor of the spinach while giving a heartier texture to my drink. This is an easy way to increase your servings of fruits and vegetables for the day, or to slip some greens into picky-eaters’ (I’m looking at you, kids!) diets too.



1 cup Green Grapes

½ cup Spinach

2 whole Kiwi, sliced

½ cup Coconut Water



Combine all of the ingredients in the order listed and blend.


My Personal Blender lets me whip this smoothie up and be out the door with no mess in between but it’s powerful enough to break down all the veggies and fruits I want to include.

Have you ever used greens in a smoothie before? What’s your favorite?

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