India Hicks Reminisces Meeting Mindy

Indian Hicks meets Mindy GrossmanHave you heard of Mindy Grossman? No? She is one cool chick. Not to mention on the Forbes 100 MOST POWERFUL WOMEN IN THE WORLD list. Yes, capital letters. Bet you wish you knew her now, right? Mindy is CEO of HSN (for those of you in England and Australia and Norway, HSN stands for Home Shopping Network) And HSN don’t mess around. They reach close to 100 million homes. 100 million Americans watch the HSN network. Which Mindy runs.
I sat next to Mindy at a dinner. Which is incredible in itself because I didn’t think CEO’s had time for dinner. Mindy was amazed to hear I lived on a small tropical island. Even more amazed to hear I had bottled all the smells of the island, into a fragrance collection. “Come and tell you story on HSN” she invited me. So I did.
But Mindy wanted more. And what Mindy wants Mindy normally gets. Was I going to say no?
For the past few months I have collected swatches of color, small snippets of rope, bleached sand dollars, photographed the colors of our turquoise ocean, sketched palm fronds and dreamt of sleeping on perfect cotton sheets in pastel island colours. But not those sickly pastel colours that make you want to vomit.
Four Island Living bedding collections were born: Harbour Island, Paradise Toile, Tropical Garden and Trade Winds.
In April I went live on HSN. Telling my stories.
Mindy has also been responsible for transforming HSN into a lifestyle network, diversifying its portfolio of brands and personalities, and spearheading efforts to evolve the linear network into a multi-platform business. Today, is a top-ten most trafficked ecommerce site. Oh yes and Mindy is also a Mum.

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