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I just got back home to L.A. after the big “Eat, Pray, Love” promotion earlier this month. After leaving St. Petersburg, Florida where the HSN studios are located, I went on to New York to work on jewelry both for HSN and my own “fine jewelry” line, and then to San Francisco where I put the finishing touches on a client’s  apartment I am decorating at the top of Russian Hill. For those of you who might have missed my home furnishings for “Eat, Pray, Love”, I invite you to go to to see my exclusive line. When to watch: I will also be on air again “overnight” on September 23rd and 24th starting at midnight PDT/3:00A.M. EST.

The home furnishings which are inspired by the magical Isle of Bali, Indonesia were very well received and have had rave five-star reviews on I especially want to call your attention to the 500 thread-count sheets and pillow cases which come in amazing colors, which I specifically selected to “mix and match” together so that you can individualize your “personal space” with complimentary colors. I recommend using the aqua, blue and ivory together, or the green, gold and ivory together or for those of you really looking for the unusual, my trademark, red, pink, and purple will combine to make an amazing “designer” statement.

The decorative pillows and Euro shams are exceptional as are the prices which, as we all know at HSN, can’t be beat. The decorative, luxurious and absorbent bath towels in blue, brown, green, pink, tan and violet match back to the colors in my luxurious sheet sets and also back to the “batik” printed and quilted coverlets.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match these colors as well!  The “Bali” print in coral, blues, aquas and pinks is spectacular (see the customer reviews, people are finding these colors perfect with their existing pieces.) and the “Batik print” in blues and whites with silver stamping or black brown and beige with gold stamping have people talking (see the reviews on I am crazy about the coordinating pillows with their sequined and genuine mother of pearl accents, the matching window curtains and shower curtains and all the decorative accessories which will go a long way to bring an exotic touch of romantic South East Asia to any room.

Besides all the great bedding and towels, I have also brought you a terrific group of decorative home accessories. The mirrored lamps are amazing (see the customer reviews) as are the “Horse Bench” (you can practically put a leash on it and name it). I called it “Pokey” on air!  The “Handcrafted Mirror” is really great, (see the customer reviews) one lady sent me a photo of how she placed two of these on each side of her front door, outside on the porch (always nice to be able to check out what you look like before ringing the doorbell when visiting a friend!). My folding “Luggage Rack” is a necessity for any well appointed guest room, and this one is both beautiful and functional. Also available are my Tufted Headboard and the matching 3 drawer chest, Large Trunk, Night Stand and the “Small Trunk” which makes a perfect clothes hamper.

I look forward to being with you “overnight” on September 23rd and 24th check the HSN program guide for local listings, and be sure and check in with me on Facebook.  As always, I appreciate your phone calls while on the air (love talking with you!!!), and I appreciate your “customer reviews” after you receive your Hutton Wilkinson designs.  I especially like to hear how you are using these, and how they work with your other existing furnishings.
Don’t forget to check out my jewelry too on!
Until soon then!
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