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India Hicks HSN In TrainingI’ve run three full marathons and several halves. I’ve cycled two 100 mile bike races, climbed into the Grand Canyon and out again, hiked up mountains, bungee jumped, parachuted, parasailed, cross country raced… on horseback, and given birth four times, all of which takes a certain amount of training.
But nothing, nothing, prepares you for an HSN stint.
This coming Wednesday I go live again at 2am EST.
TWO IN THE MORNING. Are they kidding? Who the hell is watching a shopping network at 2am? Apparently people are. I guess if you consider that is 11pm on the West Coast it makes a little bit of sense.
I’ve tried to explain this to my body.
We will be in the studio by midnight, with a run through on set, then into the green room for some much needed hair and make up, then a run through of the flow sheets, a meet and greet with my host, mental change out of my PJ’s into a frock, mic check, hair check, and live into 100,000 American homes, except that most of them will be fast asleep.
It would be Ok if you then went home to your own bed, but no, I have another live show at 9am which means a run though at 7am, green room, flow sheets, meet and greet, hair and makeup, mic check, hair check and onto set by 9am and then again at 5pm and then again at 6am the following morning But in between shows I trundle over to the creative side of the HSN campus for a two or three hour design meeting.
Don’t for a minute think that I am holding a nice cup of tea in that cup. That cup is filled to the brim with Red Bull and hopefully a shot of vodka.
See you on Wednesday at 2am.
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