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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday July Girls! Rubies, Rubies, Rubies!! Did you know that years ago people commonly felt that if you wore a Ruby it could ensure a peaceful life? They believed that if you wore your Ruby on your left side it would give you the fantastic ability to live in peace among your enemies! I actually wear a Ruby on my left side every day. Can’t hurt, might help! Who couldn’t use a little more peace? Don’t worry about if they are transparent or opaque – every Ruby is a magical stone. Even if you are just getting into to the lore about gems, you should experiment and see how it all feels..speaking of the feeling of gems…I want to tell you about a great chat I had last week with a girlfriend…


Capturing a Force of Nature for a Moment – Carol Brodie!
Last week I was able to capture a shining star for a few moments to talk about her favorite topic – gemstones and jewelry! The one and only, Carol Brodie – she has a breathtaking Today’s Special on July 15th. I have been wearing it for several days now. It is possibly the most romantic ring I have worn since my wedding bands. I actually stopped wearing it on the air because so many people were calling in and asking about it – it simply isn’t available until the 15th. I even had a gal send me a letter after saw it for 30 seconds during one of my bedding shows. She couldn’t get her mind off of it. The anticipation is making all of us crazy! Carol is over the moon about it as she should be. Part of the fun of HSN and the Today’s Specials is the anticipation – oh, I don’t like to wait though!
If you have watched Carol on HSN, let me assure you she is just as vivacious in life as she is on TV. She is all woman, a power house, advocate and a lover not a hater. When women come together to support each other they can change the world. It would be easy to just want to BE Carol. What makes her even more dynamic is that she wants you to be your best version of YOU. Wear your Rarities and be bold! Go grab those dreams and make them a reality. That is what she did. You can too. Make sure you are wearing the right jewelry – she wants you to know that luxury is about self-expression not status. From what I have seen, Rarities gives you that luxury and you won’t be disappointed in the quality and value for your money. You will be delighted!
Happy Summer!
Here are some fun backstage shots for you…
Jared and Craig who Produce and Direct some of my shows.

Libby Edelman is coming out with more than just shoes!! Stand by to find out more.

Jay King is going to be here for a our Silver Event – 24 hours of pure bliss.

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