How To Try Color Blocking Outfits To Revamp Your Wardrobe

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When we colored as kids we weren’t afraid to use every crayon in our box and this should be the spirit for our fashion choices now! Color blocking is one of those fashion trends you have to try for the sheer delight of surprise at how the boldest colors like red and fuschia don’t just work together but look amazing together. Be bold this spring and learn how to color block outfits to mesmerize everyone’s eyes.


1. Pick Your Color Scheme

The color wheel is made up of yellow, orange, red, green, purple, and blue. Start color blocking by picking complementary colors (the ones across from each other on the color wheel). They are: orange and blue, purple and yellow, red and green. A second option is to pick adjacent colors on the color wheel. They are yellow and orange, yellow and green, orange and red, red and purple, purple and blue, and blue and green (and the shades that cross between them!)


A good rule of thumb with color blocking is to use 2-3 colors as the max per look. Neutral tones like black, white, and gray can also be used.


2. Choose Your Pairs

Now that you have your colors picked it’s time to decide where each will appear. Begin by color blocking pairs like blouses and pants, tees and skirts, and dresses and jackets. Here’s an example of these pairs in action:


*Blouses and Pants

Ease into color blocking by pairing it with a trusted accomplice like blue jeans. Take the Boot Cut Denim Jeans from G by Giuliana in a dark wash and block it with an orange top. This complementary pair can be further accentuated by adding in a third color of a light shade of blue, or an even darker orange.


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*Dresses and Jackets

Go bold in selecting a dress as it will be the statement piece and pair it with an interchangeable layer. The Luxe Moto Jacket from G by Giuliana is a great example of how to add a color blocked layer that is versatile to your entire wardrobe.


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*Tees and Skirts

Color blocking can work with pieces you own that have designs or text on them too. Try the Off Air Short Sleeve Tee from G by Giuliana that can be color blocked with any colored skirt like cobalt blue, canary yellow, or an emerald green. The text on this tee will actually keep your outfit from looking too one dimensional.


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3. Utilize Your Accessories

Don’t forget that your accessories can have a hand in color blocking too. Experiment with new colors through smaller commitments like handbags, shoes, and jewelry. Color block dresses with a handbag for a fashionable look that you can turn on and off easily. Snob Essentials makes handbags in a variety of mixed-shade colors. For a universal piece try their Round Treasure Crossbody.


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Color blocking shoes is also very popular. The Gallop Buckled Moccasin by Naturalizer is a perfect example. Color block your tops and bottoms with white and pick a shade lighter or darker off of one color selected from the print. It’ll make the flowers pop!


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What color scheme do you want to try out in a spring outfit first?

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