How To Style Loungewear That Is Luxe Not Lazy

How To Style Loungewear That Is Luxe Not Lazy


One thing I’ve learned from hosting my own TV show is that my outfits do the talking just as much as I do! Fashion is an important way to express our unique personalities and my taste is for comfort and simplicity but with lots of style. Loungewear is my go-to favorite for creating a sophisticated and easy-to-style look. Forget what you think you know about loungewear because I’m going to teach you how to upgrade this style from lazy to luxurious!


1. Pair High & Low

You can absolutely leave the house in loungewear, the trick is to pair your high and low pieces right. If you plan to wear a relaxed outfit like these Drawstring Jogger Pants with a tee a quick way to give your look an upgrade is by sprinkling in some high-end pieces. Reach for a lavish necklace or handbag to create a cool contrast between your clothes and accessories. It looks so styled while it took all of 5 minutes to put together.

Drawstring Jogger Pants


2. Go Monotone With A Pop

Add sophistication to loungewear by styling your outfit all in one color. Monotone looks are simplistic and chic, especially all black. Try matching the Long Sleeve V-Neck Hoodie Sweater with the matching jogger and punch up the finished look with a bright lipstick. Add some dark shades and you’ll be ready to go out in high style.

Long Sleeve V-Neck Hoodie Sweater


3. Layer Up

Enjoy a night out in style and comfort with some key layers. Pair your favorite denim skinny jeans with a fitted sweatshirt like the Long Sleeve V-Neck Hoodie Sweater and a leather jacket. Polish up your look with some fab ankle booties and your favorite flashy handbag.

Long Sleeve V-Neck Hoodie Sweater


4. Mix It Up With Leggings

Loungewear doesn’t mean we have to lose sight of our silhouettes. Slip into a pair of leggings like this Scuba Legging and pair it with an oversized tee and over-the-knee, flat riding boots. We can keep our shape and still feel fashionable in our most comfortable clothes.

Scuba Legging


5. Roll n’ Go

For planning a travel outfit loungewear is the answer. Simple cotton layers with a little elastic like the 3/4 Sleeve Jersey Knit Dress is great for so many reasons. This frock gives the causal edge you need to dress up your days! This dress is sultry, sweet and versatile. Add sneakers for a touch of active or heels for a dose of diva.

3/4 Sleeve Jersey Knit Dress


How do you style your loungewear to look luxe?

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