How To Style A Signature Cardigan From Day To Night

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Our days usually start at the office but our nights might end with a dinner date, a PTA meeting, a flight–the possibilities are endless. The odds are that the outfit we put on that morning doesn’t work for every scenario post 5 pm. When we need to go straight from the board room to the dining room we want a base outfit that can be easily updated. A simple and chic cardigan can save us time and style in this regard. Achieve a day-to-night transformation with this one statement cardigan.


1. The Day Look

The Day Look

Just because we’re putting together a professional outfit doesn’t mean we have to try and blend into the corporate herd. By staying true to our own style and picking colors and cuts that we enjoy it will be easier to update our look for after work hours. This outfit is built around the Embossed Cascading Cardigan that is perfect for our 9-5 schedule. It has built in structure with the pseudo-suede front layers that mimics the cut of a blazer while feeling more feminine and styled. Another important element of this choice is that it’s covered up enough to be modest for work and save us from shivering in those cold meeting rooms! Pair this cardigan with a neutral base layer like the High-Low Hem Tank that can easily blend with other pieces for a post-work outfit. To finish this look off for work, pair the top layers with an asymmetrical drape front to give your outfit a refined contrast between the textures and silhouettes of the top and bottom layers.


2. The Night Look

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We’re off the clock and ready to take on the night! While our day look was pretty and sophisticated, our night look can be a little more relaxed and on trend. Sliding into a pair of skinny jeans like the Luxe Denim Skinny Jean in place of our skirt already changes the whole outfit with one piece difference. Adding additional elements like accessories or a different shoe will emphasize a more relaxed or fashion forward look depending on your own tastes.  If you want to feel a more dramatic change between your day and night looks then try swapping out both of your base layers for this Drawstring Waist Jumpsuit. Sleek and sporty a jumpsuit paired with this cardigan will be perfect for a party or a fun dinner out.

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What’s one of your tricks for transforming a look from day to night?

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