How To Revive Flatlined Hair With Just One Tool

How To Revive Flatlined Hair With Just One Tool

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When our locks are limp and fall short of expectations there is one trick to restore volume that don’t necessarily require any sprays, creams or hot tools.  Although root-boosting products are mighty helpful, especially for naturally fine haired woman, there is one method that defies gravity to lift our spirits.


If your hair needs a breather from hot-styling or if you love a minimalist, no frills routine then HiClips are for you.



1. How It Works

Have you ever gone to bed with a wet head and woke up in the morning to find your hair cemented into the impression it formed while laying down? Yes it’s usually a “yikes!” moment but HIClips use that staying power to our advantage! HIClips work similarly to rollers to style and set hair simultaneously. After we’ve just washed our hair and need to fast forward through styling all we have to do is insert these clips at key places on the head. Meanwhile while we get dressed or finish our makeup, our hair is air drying in the angle of the HiClips. With this root support through the drying process our hair sets with natural volume.


2. How To Apply

HIClips function like a regular clip but have three, long thick teeth that grab and separate hair. Lift one layer of hair and clip in the HIClips at the roots of the chosen area you want to volumize such as bangs, crown, nape of the neck, or sides of the head. Do the same with each clip if you want to build all over volume. When clipping in the tool pull hair up and away from the head to create more volume. Once hair is dry, remove HIclips carefully and shake out hair softly, fluffing with fingers at the roots.


3. How To Up The Ante

If you really want va-va-voom volume then blast strands with a hair dryer in the last 10 minutes of drying and mist head with a hairspray. If you would like to get quick volume with a dry head, follow the same application techniques but give hair a dose of hairspray while it’s still in the clips.


What’s one of your all-in-one beauty tricks?

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