How To Pull Off A Poncho With Any Look

How To Pull Off A Poncho With Any Look

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Sweater weather has arrived and with it, this season’s latest look, the poncho. Loved by many, but avoided by many more, ponchos can be a tad intimidating to style. But never fear, because anyone and everyone can fulfill their boho-chic dreams and rock this fall layer with our fall fashionista’s guide on how to wear a poncho.


Ponchos are definitely a special kind of contradiction in that they are truly a super simple article, we can’t get more basic than a large swatch of fabric with a cut-out, but styling them doesn’t always feel intuitive. When we’re trying to style a poncho with our outfit it’s best to hone in one three things: volume, hemline, and undergarments.


1. Working With Volume

Faith & Zoe Striped Poncho

Let’s be honest, ponchos aren’t shy about bringing the volume! So if we have a lot of fabric and volume going on up top we know we’ve got to create a balance with our bottoms. For an alluring choice like the Faith & Zoe Striped Poncho we can do a few different things to manipulate all of that wonderful volume. For one, we can use high-waisted belt to redefine our shape beneath the fabric, or we can tuck one side of the poncho into your waistband and allow the other half to hang loose. Both options make use of that volume to create a new style. A third choice is to wear the poncho loose and pair it with skinny jeans or even a pencil skirt. The contrast creates an interesting detail to any look.


2. Styling The Hemline

I bet everyone is familiar with the classic diamond style poncho–short on the sides and forms v-shapes in the front and back. It’s a great look, especially for wearing with maxi skirts/dresses or jeans, but it’s not the only option for how to style a hemline. Another way to wear this same style is to go slightly off the shoulder, which creates a deep slant to one side. Now more of the clothes under your poncho are revealed and it lessens the impact of all that fabric. A third option is to wear the poncho as a rectangle with the hemline forming a straight edge across the body. This way the majority of the fabric covers the arms but the waistline is left more naturally exposed.


3. What To Wear Underneath

Rhonda Shear Short-Sleeve Seamless Tees

Ponchos make such an instant splash on the surface that we might not think that what we put under them matters as much but it absolutely does. One way to choose the underlayer is to pair like with like. For a poncho with a circular neckline a fitted turtle neck or scoop neck long sleeve shirt works well. For a poncho with a deep plunge neckline a v-neck like the Rhonda Shear Short-Sleeve Seamless Tees will work great. Once again, creating contrast and balance in shape is key to pulling off a poncho successfully. Another great layer to wear under ponchos is a collared shirt. It give the outfit a prim and polished feel, and allows us to make this laid back style more versatile.


Don’t forget to play up a poncho with all your favorite fashion accessories too like statement jewelry and scarves!


How do you style a poncho in your wardrobe?

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