How To Pack Your Beauty Bag For Traveling

How to Pack Your Makeup for Travel


When it comes to packing makeup for travel I never quite get it right. I either end up not bringing enough and wishing I had a different lip or eye colour with me, or I lug along way too much and half of it stays in my cosmetic bag. However, on my last holiday I finally felt like I got it right! The reason was simple: careful planning. So see below my tips on how and what to pack in your travel makeup bag, and you’ll be traveling easy and stylishly on your next trip!


1. Make the most of those samples and minis

Thankfully, minis are now in our lives making travel that much easier. Whenever I see my favourite beauty products in mini size I am sure to pick them up and stash them away in my travel bag. This way I’m halfway packed when it comes round to my next holiday. I also treat samples the same way – if you end up getting a sample of a product you already have, keep it for your next trip for easy and light packing.


2. Get handsy!

On a normal day I love to use brushes to apply my makeup and have my routine down to a T. In order to save on space though, I tend to only take the brushes I have to have with me. You can apply your primer, base, concealer and eye shadow with your fingers, keeping any makeup brushes you need for your powder and eyeliner. If you are on a beach vacation or relaxing holiday this will also keep your look fresh and dewy, and not overdone.


3. Test, test, test

One of the tricks I used for my last trip was to think ahead to the outfits I had packed and think about the types of activities I would be doing and therefore pack accordingly. Too often, I’ll just pack everything without thinking of what I’ll actually need. If you are off on a work trip you will have your work outfits planned, so also work out the makeup you would want to wear with them. Or if, like I was, you are headed to a relaxing week by the bay you probably only need the bare essentials and maybe your go-to eyeliner to create a little definition. You don’t want to carry around five different lip colors with you for that ‘just in case’ moment, so take a color you know goes with the majority of your outfits – alternatively if you are desperate to take that new bright lipstick be sure you pack outfits that don’t clash. And as Nur said chose your fool proof product you know you can depend on, keep the experimenting to when you have the time and space!


Those are my go-to tips and tricks for packing light and staying stylish! How do you plan your beauty routine for a trip, and what are your must have products that always go with you?

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