How To Makeup to Last All Day

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I don’t know about you, but after a long and hectic day I sometimes resemble a shiny panda thanks to my foundation vanishing and my mascara half way down my cheeks. Ok, I may be exaggerating here a little, but you get where I am going with this. Today, I thought I would share with you my top tips and tricks to keep your makeup fresh, as well as the beauty products to take with you for touch ups on the go.


1. Build the color and the confidence here; start simple and you’ll finish fabulously

First up – use a primer!  To be honest, I generally skip this step on my lazy makeup days or during the weekend but for those days when I need my makeup to last longer, using a face primer comes in handy. To use, apply on your entire face before you apply your foundation. It is important to dab a little onto your eyelids to ensure any eye product stays put.


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After your base is applied, follow with a setting powder either all over or just focus on your t-zone (which is generally the first place you lose makeup.)  A great setting powder will hide fine lines, dark circles and imperfections all day. You will find that there is a fix for any of these issues!


3. Try a long-wearing formula that keep your gorgeous eyes where they started

Like I said before, adding the first step’s primer on your eyelids will be extremely helpful. Apply  your eyeshadow and leave it to the primer to keep it there all day. To ensure your makeup doesn’t run, opt for a waterproof eyeliner as well a waterproof mascara. Also, waterproof mascara tends to hold a curl longer, so if you have straight lashes make sure to use an eyelash curler and waterproof mascara for a solid, long-lasting curl.


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Lastly, you have to take care of your lips. For your lipstick to last all day, try and make sure you line your lips! Fill in with a liner, apply a coat of lipstick, blot, then apply a second coat and blot one last time. This ensures the colour is intense and your lipstick stays put.


Nobody wants to carry around their entire makeup bag all day, so only bring the products that will help lift your look. Step two is huge for me – I always bring some form of setting powder with me to mop up any shine throughout the day (yum!).


Also don’t forget your lipstick, which can be used to bring your lip look back to life, as well as add colour to your cheeks by dabbing on a little and blending well! Lastly, bring your waterproof eye makeup with you to emphasise your eyes if they are feeling a little tired and can also change your look from day to night in seconds!


What tricks do you use to keep your makeup looking fresh all day?




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