How to Make Spring’s Hottest Trends Work for You

Everyone is always asking, “What are the hot trends for Spring?” But I think the real question we should all be asking is, “What are the hot trends that will work well for me?” We all have different lifestyles, body types, events to go to, etc., so I wanted to break down each of our top four trends, and let you know how you can make them work for you.
Crisp and Classic
This trend is definitely for a woman who wants to look classic, sophisticated, put together, but not boring. I suggest clean lines, and crisp colors like white, navy, black, and shades of neutral. Definitely choose more tailored looks, not baggy or slouchy, to get the full effect for this trend.

I love this Barr + Barr white and black tote bag for spring. It allows you to keep everything you need with you at all times, but looks cleaned up and classic at the same time.
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American Frontier
When people hear about this trend, the first question I was get is “How do I wear this trend without looking too ‘Little House on the Prairie’?” The answer is simple: mix it up! Don’t wear this trend head to toe.

I would wear a little bit of western influence like this suede shirt-jacket with studs from Chi by Falchi. Then, instead of pairing it with cowboy boots, fringe, and turquoise, throw a pair of your favorite DG2 jeans. I like this distressed-style pair to finish off your look.
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Surfin’ Safari
This is one of my all-time favorite trends for spring, and the easiest to incorporate into your closet. To me, it really is all about mixing colors. You don’t want to look like you are in the middle of a safari in Africa (although, how chic would that be?!), so play with your colors.

The easiest way to do this is with accessories. Wear your neutral shades of olive, taupe, camel, and brown with something like this Hot in Hollywood Cargo Jacket. But add pops of brights like this fuchsia sandal from Steven by Steve Madden.
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Festival Fashion
Lastly, we finish off the season with the fun Festival Fashion trend. The best part about this trend is that it pretty much works for everyone. The easy trick for Festival Fashion is to have fun with your prints and colors, combined!

We should never take fashion too seriously, especially with this trend for spring.  Long silhouettes like dresses, skirts, and caftans are a perfect nod to your inner hippie.  Pare down these more dramatic styles with fun, neutral accessories and you are set. These leather t-strap sandals from DKNYC are perfect!
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Lauren Wilner, Fashion Director
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