How To Make a Flower Out of Fabric

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Making fabric flowers is a creative way to accessorize! Make them in different colors and use them to accent your wardrobe by pinning pin them onto your lapel, purse or hat or wear them in your hair.  


These pretty organza and satin attention grabbers take less than two hours to make.


Materials you’ll need for this project:

  • a gathered 1.5″ wide by 2′ long strip of organza,

  • eight –2.5″ satin circles,

  • eight –2.75″ organza circles,

  • two–2″ stabilized satin circles for the base,

  • one 3″ circle for the yo-yo center,

  • one 1″ flower of choice (ribbon or silk) for the center and

  • a sew-on pin (available at craft stores)

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Pair each satin circle with its organza counterpart and fold in half with the satin on the outside. Now fold over 3/4 again and pin in place to prepare for sewing.


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Sew the 8 folded and pinned triangles onto the double layer stabilized base all the way around in a circle.

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Layer the gathered organza strip on top of the circle points and pleat in additional fullness with your fingers as you sew around in a circle.

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Baste around the 3″ satin circle and pull the bobbin thread until the circle is closed and tie a knot to make a yo-yo. Hot glue the raw edge and quickly press into the center of the flower. Hot Glue purchased flower on top. Hand sew the pin to the backside and wear!

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Shop Sewing Materials on HSN


Wouldn’t it feel great to make a fabric flower gift for a special friend or occasion?

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