How To Break The 4 Biggest Rules For Wearing Jewelry and Still Look Flawless

How To Break The 4 Biggest Jewelry Rules and Still Look Flawless

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Jewelry, just like with clothing, comes with its own rulebook for how to wear it. Accessories may look different on the surface but the underlying laws of style remain the same. But what is fashion for if not making a statement and breaking the rules from time to time?? Learn how to break the top four rules for wearing jewelry well so you’ll be the stunning exception.


Rule #1. Wearing Multiple Statement Pieces

There are cautionary tales against wearing multiple pieces of statement jewelry. The worry is that the many jewels might overwhelm a look. However, we have style icons like Iris Apfel who layer on elaborate accessories with praise. One way to successfully break this rule is to keep all your statement pieces in the same color family or metal. It unites the look overall, and as long as your outfit is more simplistic it won’t compete with it. Try a statement ring like the Studio Barse Taxco Dome Ring with this Sterling Silver Hinged Bracelet, paired with a heavy, silver chain necklace.


Rule #2. Dressing Your Age

There’s a belief that young women are best suited for pearls, corals and turquoise, and that more refined gemstones should be for the mature wearer. This rule feels as dated as the content of its message; why should age dictate our style? The types of jewels are less important to age than how they’re styled in their design and depictions. Another thought to take into consideration is that any jewel that is cheaply produced or poorly cut won’t be flattering to the wearer no matter their age.


Rule #3. Face Shape vs. Jewelry Shape

There are a lot of tips for women on how to dress to best suit their shape, and jewelry has some rules for this too. For example, one tip is that if the wearer has a small face or fine features, large earrings are a no-no. If you have a petite face and love oversized jewels an easy way to make it work is to choose jewelry that has a graduated design like the Studio Barse Taxco Geometric Onyx Necklace. The funneling design of this necklace draws the eye out away from the face and helps give balance to proportion.

Studio Barse Taxco Geometric Onyx Necklace


Rule #4. Mixing Silver and Gold

This is like the rule of never wearing black and brown together or black and blue, except when it looks wonderful of course. Like anything else, pairing together silver and gold can work. The secret to this style is to have the different metals touching, whether in layers or in one individual piece wherever they’re placed. For example, the Michael Anthony Jewelry® 2-Tone Hoop Earrings and the 2-Tone “Butterfly” Ring both incorporate silver and gold into the design together.


What’s a rule for wearing jewelry that you’ve always been told?

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