How To Banish Winter’s Chill From Your Home

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Living in Florida, the great paradox is that temperatures rarely drop to being really cold but it’s a wet cold from the ocean air that really seeps into your bones. Winter time drives everyone indoors to escape the chilly weather, but sometimes those icy blasts also find their way inside. No more cold toes, hands, or noses inside my house! Instead of heading over to the thermostat to hike it up a few more degrees, try out these simple home heating ideas that will keep you toasty. If you’re someone who tends to always feel a little chill, these winter heating solutions will keep your whole home more comfortable.


1. Fill In Draft Zones

Did you know that window frames and doors can zap up to 20% of the heat in your home? Brr! Keep these little problem areas under wraps by adding some warming accents to your home. A draft blocker will lie snugly against the bottom of your front door to keep the chill at bay and  thicker curtains will stop window drafts from sneaking into your rooms.  *A note on curtains: leave them open during the day if they let in a lot of sun to naturally heat your home but whisk them shut at night to block drafts.


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2. Cover Your Floors

Just the thought of bare feet on a cold floor is enough to make me shiver. Sure you can throw on a pair of cute, warm socks but it’s not a full proof solution for say–when you’re hosting a dinner party? A sprawling, quality rug will provide a barrier between the cold soaked up in the house’s foundation and sensitive feet as they hold heat in your rooms. You can always roll up a rug and make it part of your seasonal decor.




3. Go Plush on Bedding

When we relax our body temperature naturally drops a bit which is why we sometimes fall asleep comfortably but are woken up by cold throughout the night. We have special clothes for winter and we should also have special bedding. For uninterrupted dreaming at night use a down comforter with fleece sheets, they trap more heat in their fibers to keep the air around you warmer. Concierge makes a great line of bedding options in these styles.




4. Add A Personal Heater

If you have an office or bedroom that is above the garage, or is the last stop on your home’s heating system you know how nothing seems to warm it up! Fight the cold with fire. There are a lot of great personal heaters that can be rolled from room to room, and electric fireplaces that are beautiful to watch and safe to run all night. These are such good investments (and gifts!).


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5. Redirect The Heat Flow

Thinking to turn on the ceiling fan during winter seems like a funny idea, but as many northerners know, most fans come equipped with a directional switch. If you look up at your fan and it’s running counterclockwise, flip this switch, and change the direction to clockwise. The idea is that as heat rises it can get trapped near the ceiling, and few people are tall enough to appreciate that. A counterclockwise spin will push heat back down into the room.


What’s one way you keep your home warm and sunny in winter?

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