How To Add A Dash Of Machine Embroidery


A cheerful hello as we greet my favorite time of year! Sweater knits, Leather, corduroy and faux fur fill the runways as autumn bursts forth a panorama of color injecting fresh, new inspiration. Whether A colorful quilt, a front porch scarecrow  or a Harvest ball gown,  you can  enjoy expressing your inner artist by adding machine embroidery. Denim is the perfect fashion pallet for embroidery and embellishing your favorite jeans or jacket is easy with Singer’s new Quintet! In the examples below you can see how easy it is to add flair to the back pockets, a front leg accent or continual design  down the side of the leg. The Quintet is where personalization makes fashion FUN!


  • Carefully remove the stitching and pockets from your jeans with a sharp blade or seam ripper. (This is only possible when there is no rivet mounted on  the pocket’s upper corner)

  • Use sticky stabilizer and place the pocket inside the small hoop or place both of them in the large hoop.

  • Select, place and embroider the design of your choice and remove the pockets from the hoop.

  • Pin the pockets back onto the jeans exactly where they were and sew back onto the jeans using a size 16 or jean needle and jean thread to match the topstitching  color.

  • TIP* When determining the design for your pockets, be sure to save the design (ex: Jean Pocket Right) and then highlight the design, right click and select FLIP HORIZONTAL to make a mirror image of the same design for the other side.

  • Save the mirror imaged design as well.



  • To add flair to the bottom of a pant leg, select a pair of jeans that does not have a flat fell seam along the inside. Remove the inside of the leg stitching so you can place the leg flat in the large hoop.

  • When the embroidery is complete, sew the pant leg back together and serge or zig-zag the seam allowance.

  • Use Jean Thread in a matching color for the topstitching.

  • TIP* Consider adding iron-on rhinestones for added sparkle!

  • To add an accent  down the side, continually hoop on a 2″ wide piece of satin or grosgrain ribbon and then attach it to the side seam of your jeans or dress slacks. This would look especially nice on a black pair of dressy slacks giving them a ‘tuxedo’ look.


  • Be sure to remove the stitching inside the pantlegs to within 2 inches of the crotch seam. This will make it easier to attach the ribbon strip.

  • Attach the ribbon to the tear away stabilizer using stitch witchery or a temporary spray adhesive.

  • When the design is complete, tear away the stabilizer and pin the embroidered strip  along the side seam. Stitch close to the edge down both sides matching thread to the ribbon. Turn the edges under for a clean finish.

  • TIP*Be sure to cut the ribbon 10″ longer than needed because your design will  begin and end  4-5 inches from the ribbons’ end.

Versatility abounds when you have access to machine embroidery—-especially Singer’s new Quintet with a small, large, multi-hooping (4X) and NEW continual hooping along with 250 all NEW  built-in designs!
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