How to Achieve Your Beauty Resolutions On A Budget

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Being beautiful is about radiating confidence and feeling at home in your own skin. This 2015 one of my resolutions is to help more people build up their beauty essentials even on a budget to feel truly beautiful. The new year is the perfect time to clean out your old beauty supplies and start to build your basics,  introduce a new shade of lipstick, or finally learn to style your hair like the pros! Beauty and hair tools deserve the same attention that we give to our closets and jewelry box, as better products are introduced and as our needs change to fit the seasons of our lives. Here are a few of my favorite beauty products that are under $50 and make me feel money-smart and pretty at the same time, a knock-out New Year’s resolution combo.


For 2015, I want to look more…


1. Polished


If you’re trying to land a new job or are planning to go on more dates in the new year, you’re looking at ways to add a hint of refined beauty to your going-out look. When you reach out to shake your future bosses hand or extend your fingers to a date to help you out of the car, that’s the time to ensure your nails are well manicured with shine. OPI has a colorwheel vast enough to match any outfit you design, but when investing on a budget I suggest a neutral shade that looks good with everything. OPI’s Infinit Shine ‘You Can Count On It’ trio is a beautiful pinky-tan shade that comes with the base coat primer and high-shine top coat all in one package. Bonus, this color goes well with any skin tone.


2. Colorful


Winter can get us all feeling a little cranky with gray skies and chilly weather, so if your 2015 resolution is to be more colorful and fun we can add an instant reminder every time you look in the mirror at beautiful you! Vintage by Jessica Liebeskind offers a colorful palette of make up options that are beauty bargains. My favorites are her Beauty Blush and Brighten Cheek Kit and her Beauty Velvet Lip Gloss and Crayon Duo. Both of these instant mood lifters come in coral and will make it look like you must have a personal reserve of sunshine stored away that you bask in at home. They’ll wake up your face and make you want to smile everywhere you go.


3. Voluminous


Your outfit rocks, your make up is flawless, but your hair is falling flat? Dear, I am right there with you. Living in Florida, I understand the struggle to maintain volume or hold a curl for more than .2 seconds after I step outdoors. Conair, whose slogan is “Salon Results at Home”, truly makes good on that statement with their Infiniti Pro- Secret Snap Curl Roller set. Technically this one breaks my $50 rule by a smidgen, but when it comes between me and a good hair day I will make my sacrifices. These rollers heat up fast, will give your hair added shine, and because there are no clips you won’t get any unsightly bends or creases to reveal how you did it! For my straight-haired ladies who have always craved curls, this is your 2015 answer.


4. Refreshed


We all wish for this new year to give us more time to enjoy our interests and relax with friends and family. If some stress happens to creep in though, I can still make it my resolution to attend to my natural beauty better. PRAI specializes in skin care to renew elasticity, balance tones, and revive your face’s glowing beauty. The PRAI Ageless Throat & Chin Collection includes a powerful wrinkle-repair serum and two targeted creams for the delicate skin of your throat and chin. Ditch the turtlenecks because added moisture and firming properties in this collection will help you look and feel renewed to tackle anything on your plate in 2015. If fading color is weighing on your energy levels than I also recommend looking into TruHair by Chelsea Scott. Her affordable and on-the-go touch up kits include a powdered hair-color that has thickening fibers to cover up between salon visits and also disguise any thinning spots. Available in a variety of shades to match your hair color.

What is your beauty resolution for 2015?

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