How to Achieve A Glowing Natural Makeup Look

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Crafting a natural day-to-day look that works for the office, running errands, or grabbing coffee with friends can feel tricky to master. The bold lipsticks and dramatic eyes that look amazing for nights out can overpower our relaxed day outfits but we still want coverage and color. The “barely there” makeup style is becoming a favorite amongst stylists who want to accentuate the natural beauty of the face while still adding a noticeable tint and glow. Achieve a great day look in 5 steps working with a specific color palette.


1. Creamy Complexion


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Natural makeup focuses on letting your complexion be the main attraction. You’ll want a creamy foundation with color correcting capabilities and that can seamlessly blend into your skin tone.  The Jouer Matte Moisture Tint from Jouer Cosmetics gives SPF coverage along with a matte foundation finish to conceal any unevenness. Apply it with your fingers to let the warmth of your skin help blend the foundation even better.


2. Full Brows


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We look people in the eyes when we have conversations and eyebrows are the unconscious frames we focus on to hold that gaze. When our eyebrows are smooth, full, and well-defined it makes our whole face look brighter and more youthful. Use the Bulletproof Brow from Too Faced to accentuate natural arches. Use the spooley brush to comb your eyebrows up and then over at the tail. Next, with small, upward strokes use the angled brush to apply the clay formula that is a shade lighter than your eyebrows.


3. Subtle Smokiness


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Choose eyeshadows like Ombre Nudes Eye Palette from BECCA with shades of browns, tans, golds, pinks, purples, and off whites with diversity to some matte and some shimmering finishes. The delicate skin around our eyes reveals our blood vessels more clearly so tones in this color range will actually blend in best for a natural look. A brown smoky eye is the perfect day alternative to our usual black or gray choice for date nights.


4. Contour and Highlight


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Stylists have mastered the understanding of how light affects our features and thankfully for us put it in an easy to use highlighter. For this natural look forego your customary blush  and opt for a contouring and highlighting stick that adds a subtle shimmer. A light bronze or pearl shade will evoke a softness about your skin and brightness that adds dimension. The Shimmering Skin Perfector™ Spotlight Trio from BECCA can be applied directly on to the skin or mixed with a moisturizer or foundation for quick and easy application.


5. Flushed Lips


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The finishing touch on a natural look is a warm lip. You can go a little brighter with a lipstick than with your eyeshadow palette but keep the finish semi matte. With all of the highlighting and contouring you’ve uncovered on your face your lips will still look great without any extra glossiness. The HydraLuxe Lipstick in Crushed Berry, Sassy Rose, or Cream Latte from Ready to Wear all make great choices to correspond with this natural look.


Where will you wear this “barely there” makeup look first?

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